Two games this week for the clubs across the Championship, and as a result, we’ve seen a lot of movement from last week’s Power Rankings. So much movement, in fact, that only one team stayed in the same spot in this week’s rankings.
As previously mentioned, we try to base the rankings only on matches played in the Championship. However, with four clubs playing in EFL Cup matches this week – Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, and Middlesbrough – success there (three of the four will be playing Premier League clubs) might boost them next week a little more than what happens in league play next weekend.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 27 October 2018

Rank Team Record Last Week Change Table Pos
1 Sheffield United 9-2-4 3 2↑ 1
2 Norwich City 8-3-4 4 2↑ 4
3 Middlesbrough 7-6-2 1 2↓ 3
4 Derby County 7-4-4 2 2↓ 6
5 Leeds United 7-6-2 6 1↑ 2
6 West Bromwich Albion 7-4-4 5 1↓ 5
7 Nottingham Forest 5-8-2 9 2↑ 7
8 Swansea City 6-5-4 13 5↑ 8
9 Birmingham City 5-8-2 15 6↑ 9
10 Bristol City 6-4-5 14 4↑ 11
11 Queens Park Rangers 7-2-6 18 7↑ 10
12 Wigan Athletic 6-2-7 8 4↓ 14
13 Brentford 4-6-5 7 6↓ 16
14 Blackburn Rovers 5-7-3 10 4↓ 12
15 Stoke City 5-5-5 16 1↑ 13
16 Aston Villa 4-6-5 11 5↓ 17
17 Sheffield Wednesday 5-4-6 12 5↓ 15
18 Preston North End 3-5-7 20 2↑ 20
19 Millwall 4-4-7 22 3↑ 18
20 Rotherham United 3-5-7 21 1↑ 21
21 Hull City 3-3-9 23 2↑ 23
22 Bolton Wanderers 4-4-7 17 5↓ 19
23 Reading 3-3-9 19 4↓ 22
24 Ipswich Town 1-6-8 24 24

The big movers this week were the clubs that duplicated efforts, either winning both matches or losing both. For example, our biggest climber this week was Queens Park Rangers, who won two games this week, and have not lost since September (4-1-0). Both matches this week were at home at Loftus Road, so the home supporters had to be pleased with the results. After finishing 16th in the league last season, settling into 7th place as October ends bodes well for their prospects on the season. They have two more wins thus far then they did through 15 matches last year, and are on pace for nearly 71 points on the season, which would have placed them four points out of the playoffs last season.
Another big climber this week was Birmingham City, who were up six spots and into the top 10. They also won both games this week, and have not lost a match since late August, going 5-6-0 in the interim, including four straight wins. Exchanging some of those early season draws for victories – they didn’t win their first match until Match 9 – has vaulted them up the standings. They were hoping to improve on a 19th-place finish of last year and didn’t look much better in the early goings this year, but this recent winning streak has them squarely in the playoff chase. They too have two more wins at this stage of the season compared to last (3-3-9 last season), and find themselves on the same pace as QPR.
One the other end of the spectrum, our biggest fall belongs to a club that lost twice this week (and in hindsight was probably much too high to begin with). Brentford fell six spots to settle in as the first club in the bottom half, and they have been winless in their last seven matches (0-4-3). They have struggled away from Griffin Park on the season (the same 0-4-3 record), and the two losses this week were at Preston North End and Norwich City. After finishing last season in 9th place (with 69 points), they find themselves in 16th place and on pace for 55 points. However, they are the only club in the bottom half of the league table with a positive goal differential (+3), so a return to their early form could find them easily moving up the table again.
Finally, we here at SportMuse may have jinxed Sheffield Wednesday by anointing them as one of our Championship Dark Horses this season. since we did so on the 10th of October, they have lost three league matches by a total of six goals, falling from 6th (and positioned for the playoffs) to 15th in the league table. They are pretty much in the same position currently as they were at this point last season, a season that ended with the club in a disappointing 15th place. Prior to this mini-slide, they had been a very respectable 5-3-1 in their prior nine matches, which prompted our notice in the first place. If they can return to a similar performance, they may yet live up to our Dark Horse title, or at least improve on last season’s performance.
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