Manchester City 2018-2019 Transfer Review, Part 1

Note: As we cover more of the top teams in the Premier League – especially the “Big Six,” the individual transfer write-ups will feature a look at the overall roster (as Part 1), followed by a separate post that will contain the individual transfers to/from the team, which will be updated as appropriate (as Part 2). 
City’s dominance last season was absolutely insane, all of the rest of the teams were trying to catch a glimpse of them. This team just looked head, shoulders, knees, and toes frankly, above everyone else. The next closest competitor was 19 points back… let me repeat that, nineteen points back. They also conceded the fewest goals and blitzed their way to 22 goals ahead of the rest of the pack.
I guess the obvious question for this season is can that form continue? They’ve kept all of their contributors from last year — and now they’ve added Riyah Mahrez. City like United and Liverpool are absolutely stacked in the midfield, so I am very interested to see how Mahrez fits into this side.
Now the answer to the question you’ve been waiting for, do I think City can do it all again? No, I don’t think they will make all the other teams look semi-pro again. At the bare minimum,  in the two Premier League titles City prior to this years, the following season has had almost a 10 point drop and came back as runner’s up the following season. In fact, the only team in the Premier League era to win back to back (to back) titles is their biggest rival, the crosstown United team, but this effect is true even for them.

So, ultimately, I don’t think this City side will be able to repeat their title chances — but I do think they will be a fun team to watch. Everyone else (especially Liverpool) has been spending hard in hopes to bring their teams up to par with this City side. I don’t think they’ve quite matched it, but I just don’t see the immense success and consistency from last year carrying over.
To see a breakdown of Manchester City’s individual transfers this season, please click here for Part 2, which will be updated throughout the season with the latest transfers and other notable additions to the club.

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