Matchday 1, Part 4: Wolves v. Everton & Liverpool v. West Ham United

This is the fourth part of a five-part series, to start from the beginning click here.
Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.
Wolves v. Everton
location: Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton
Wolves entered this game as slight favorites, probably due to playing at home — but the money line on the game has shown increasing likelihood that Wolves could walk away from this game with something. Expected goals to be scored at 2-3.
I think that Wolves had one of the best transfer windows in the Premier League (especially with the Rui Patricio pickup for free, read more here). Wolves were in blistering form in the Championship and were just shy of the 100-point mark, finishing at 99. They also put in most of their transfer work towards the opening, meaning that their players have had time to gel with the side. I think this Wolves side will spring a few surprises, and I think they will start with a narrow win over Everton.
Everton has spent heavily in the last few seasons (nearly 300M euro) but have not performed well in spite of it. They finished a disappointing 8th in the league and shipped nearly 20 more goals than they’ve scored. I do think that the Mina/Digne signings (reflected in more detail here) will have some impact — as will the Richarlison signing. I am concerned about the deadline day moves and how they will gel within the side, clearly they are important needs but they will have minimal time with the club.
Bold Predictions (tally will be kept on players identified and teams at the bottom of this running series):

  • Winner: Wolves
  • Final Score: 2-1
  • Goalscorer(s):
    • Wolves: Jimenez/Jota
    • Everton: Richarlison

Liverpool v. West Ham
London Stadium, London
No beating around the bush on this one, Liverpool are massive favorites, of the 3-4 goals variety.
Liverpool has not held anything back this season, they’ve splashed ridiculous amounts of cash setting the record fee for goalkeepers (for three whole weeks). This side was in blistering form last year, and they’ve done nothing but add to what I expect to be a dominant side this season.
I really do love this West Ham side, but I think this just needs to be a game they go out and play — give it their best, but not take to much from this game. Pundits from a number of sources have given glowing reviews (as have I, here) and I think they’ll have a good season overall. I think this game will give all the new(er) signings a chance to play together and feel each other out, and I think that they will look dangerous for periods of time and show flashes of what’s to come.
Bold Predictions (tally will be kept on players identified and teams at the bottom of this running series):

  • Winner: Liverpool
  • Final Score: 3-0
  • Goalscorer(s):
    • Liverpool: Salah (x2)/Firminho
    • West Ham:

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Last Updated: August 11, 2018

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