Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 1 Recap

Here is the team I’m going to begin the season with, we’ll see where things go! We’d love to have you join our league (the competition ID number is at the bottom).

  • David de Gea £6 Week 1 points: 3 — de Gea was foiled by a Vardy goal late on (ironically, one I predicted in my Matchday Primer). For some reason more than 10,000 teams dropped him from their lineups, which makes me all the more keen on keeping him.
  • Jonas Lössl £4.5 Week 1 points: 0 — I hope you paid attention to the competition for Huddersfield, I predicted this domination, too. More than 5,000 teams dropped Lössl this game week.


  • Schindler £4.5 Week 1 points: 0 — What applied to Lössl applies here too, but I expect Schindler to make a recovery because of his importance to their defense and their counter-attacking which will have to occur if they plan on remaining in the league. Schindler was dropped by 10,000 teams.
  • Monreal £5.5 Week 1 points: 0 — Monreal maintains a spot on my bench (and will continue until he’s fit) but I’m not ready to toss him away just yet. A bunch of teams, about 7,000, dropped Monreal over I assume fitness concerns.
  • Yedlin £4.5 Week 1 points: 1 — Dele Alli spent most of the day running laps around Yedlin as Tottenham and ended up limping off with an injury — the extent of which has not been discussed. The official premier league fantasy league is showing him as a “75% chance of playing” so for now I’m going to hold onto him, he was also dropped by about 8,000 teams.
  • Fredericks £5 Week 1 points: 0 — West Ham got thrashed in this game, and while I expected that the Hammers would be beaten (soundly) I did expect to have more peripheral points. I think they will return to scoring (hopefully a lot more) points next week against Bournemouth. Fredericks ownership dropped by a net of 1,130  and I think the rest of his games this season (except maybe against City) should be markedly better from a points standpoint.
  • Lovren £5 Week 1 points: 0 — Like Monreal, Lovren is out injured but will hold his spot for the time being — I expect him to slide right back into the side. Lovren’s ownership dropped by almost 80,000 which by itself gives me a reason to keep holding on,


  • Mo Salah £13 Week 1 points: 8 (16 if he was your captain) — Salah had a great outing to start off the season (unsurprisingly)  I was hoping for a second goal, but one goal and an assist will do for my midfielders contribution. Salah’s additions were much smaller than Pogba’s at just shy of 20,000 (though I anticipate he was more highly owned to begin with).
  • Pogba £8 Week 1 points: 10 — Pogba had a nice game after spending most of last season on Mourinho’s naughty-list, and I think he’s made a good start at getting off it. He contibuted mightily in defense (what Mourinho had wanted all last season) and scored a goal. He looks incredibly comfortable in midfield, so I’ll be holding to this one as I’m sure his stock will rise. I basically got a free game with Pogba starring, as his net additions to teams were 124,953.
  • Fred £6 Week 1 points: 2– Fred had a decent debut showing, the club has since posted video of he and Pogba working together to develop a relationship. I see no reason to break this up, especially if Pogba is going to turn the corner into good form as I definitely think there’s a possibility for some assists. We’ll get to keep Fred at a low ownership as despite his good showing nearly 15,000 teams dropped him.
  • Jahanbakhsh £7 Week 1 points: 1 — Like West Ham, Brighton didn’t really have an opportunity to ply their game; I think has to come to a head in the probably match week 4 or so. I don’t anticipate it’s going be awesome for Brighton next week against United, but I’ve been wrong before (like with my defense this week) and about 6,000 teams dropped him from their lineup.
  • Jack Wilshere £5 Week 1 points: 2 — West Ham got thrashed in this game, and while I expected that the Hammers would be beaten (soundly) I did expect to have more peripheral points. I think they will return to scoring (hopefully a lot more) points next week against Bournemouth. 11,000 teams dropped him from their line up.


  • Harry Kane £12 Week 1 points: 1 — I’m hoping this just speaks to how crazy this week was for soccer. Even Harry Kane had a terrible week, I think his performance should improve vastly. Based off this performance though — about 20,000 teams dropped him, so that will mean he’s lower owned for the rest of us.
  • Marko Arnautovic £7 Week 1 points: 2 — Even Arnautovic was absent for week 1 where Liverpool just made them look foolish, tons of teams dropped Arnatovic (-15,000).
  • Joshua King £6.5 Week 1 points: 2 — Although like the others he put up a subpar performance, about 15,000 teams dropped him from their line up.

Not the best week for me for sure, my midfielders did alright, but I’m not going to panic yet — I still think this side will do well. Will definitely have to keep an eye on Yedlin’s injury status.
I know it looks bad at first, but I want to stress that all 3 of my starting forwards contributed nothing — despite being some of the highest rated prospects for their respective teams. I’m not in panic mode, and will look to improve my score for next week after a disappointing opener.
Week 1 score: 38 Points

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