Matchday 2: Leicester City/Wolves

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.
Leicester City v. Wolverhampton Wanderers
Location: King Power Stadium, Leicester
Yet another really close match this week, currently things are leaning towards the home side, but just barely with a draw and Wolves win not far off. Consensus estimates place this at about a 2 goal game.
Going back to the Manchester United/Leicester City post-match report, I was really high on the performance of one particular Fox. This week, I think he’ll score his first goal against Rui Patricio who had a rather shaky Wolves debut. Overall, the Foxes looked decent against Manchester United, except for the first few minutes when United bossed everything. After the Foxes settled into the game, it got a lot more balanced (at perhaps even went in their favor) and I think they were rewarded with the Vardy goal. They looked like they could potentially sneak out of Old Trafford with a point, but came up just short.
The Wolves game can be summed up with one name, Neves. He was fantastic in this game scoring once on his own and setting up the other, but several of the players had subpar performances or this could have (probably should have) been a Wolves win rather than a draw. If the rest of this side can get even close to where Neves is at — it could be scary. I think they score, but since they were unable to close the door on a 10-man Everton side, I don’t think they walk away with more than a single point here.
Bold Predictions (tally will be kept on players identified and teams at the bottom of this running series):

  • Winner: Draw
  • Final Score: 1-1
  • Goalscorer(s):
    • Leicester City: Maddison
    • Wolves: Jota

Here’s how our Bold Predictions did last week:
Matchday 1:

  • Winner: 7-3 (70% correct)
  • Score: 3-7 (30% correct)
  • Goal Scorers: 7-29 (19.4% correct)

Last Updated: August 16, 2018

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