Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 2

Here is the team I’m going to in matchweek 2 with, I called all of my guys and asked them to put on a much better performance than last week! Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer).

  • *David de Gea – I think de Gea has a good shot at a clean sheet and a few saves from this side where Man Utd are heavy favorites.
  • Jonas Lössl – I’m still high on Lössl, just not on his City matchup. If you think he can make a ton of saves without serious concessions, you might be right — but you’re a way braver (wo)man than I.


  • Schindler – I’m off Schindler for the same reasons as Lössl, I think there could be reward if you’re feeling lucky — but to me, it’s less of a logical play and more of straight up gambling.
  • *Monreal – Everything I’m reading is indicating that Monreal should be good to go, he was reported as fully practicing 2 days ago and “could” be in the starting line up. I think this is less of a “could” and more of a “will be” based on last weeks result, Arsenal want to try to get off this skid before it turns into anything more (and obviously, Emery will want his first win).
  • Yedlin – After much internal debate, I decided to cut Yedlin from my squad (knowing my luck — you all should hold on to him because a 10 goal, 5 assist game will come now…) The club are downplaying his injury, but it looked far more significant than they are indicating and for Yedlin’s sake, I hope that’s true. I really think that they don’t want people to look too deeply into the defensive chasm that will exist if he can’t go.
  • *⇐Aaron Wan-Bissaka £4.1 (Week 1 pts: 12) – Let me just get this out of the way to begin with, no, I don’t expect him to repeat his week 1 performance. I do think that 3-4 (maybe more, fingers crossed) points are reasonable against this Liverpool side. In addition, I think there’s a good chance Liverpool gets hit on the counter here and I think Wan-Bissaka will probably have a hand in it.
  • *Fredericks – I expect that Fredericks and Fulham will put in a much better performance against Bournemouth. Ultimately, I think Bournemouth will ultimately get away with a win but I think that Fulham will have a lot more attacking opportunities and are in a good place to maybe steal a point, maybe even 3.
  • Lovren – Lovren is still said to be injured and I’ve seen nothing to reliably indicate otherwise, I guess if you’re a gambling (wo)man you could hope for a substitute appearance and a goal/assist, but he’ll be staying on my bench.


  • *Mo Salah  – Salah showed off his prowess again as one of the best midfielders currently playing in the Premier League. I think that he is going to continue to run rampant in this league either from goals or assists because he’s crafty enough to get around man marking either with well-placed shots or through balls. I’m locking this one down for the season unless there’s a serious injury or something.
  • *Pogba  – Pogba responded marvelously to be given the captains armband, so much so that he was applauded in game by Mourinho and well spoken of his efforts and in ability in the press (yeah, there were good interactions between Mourinho and Pogba in the press, shocking right?). Mourinho has already noted his intentions to continue this trend, so I see no reason to get off this train now.
  • *Fred – Fred had a very servicable debut for a United squad that was still short a number of World Cup players. I think that Fred stays in the side and that things can only improve with Lukaku (and others) back from World Cup rest and from it being a new game for Alexis Sanchez (hopefully not a repeat of his performance last week.
  • Jahanbakhsh – I’m not opposed to this as a contrarian-sort of play if he starts, but I am not willing to bet on goals/assists from this BHA team against Man Utd. United showed their defensive prowess last year, and until BHA gives me reason to think otherwise — I think it’s an uphill climb for the Gulls.
  • *Jack Wilshere – WHU had a rough go against Liverpool, but I think there are better days to come (outlined here).


  • *Harry Kane – Yes, I’m aware that August is “no Kandy for Kane” (doesn’t ever score in August), but I’m really hoping that ends this week. He gets a fantastic matchup in Fulham and I’m tempted (and now, determined) enough to test my judgment in fielding him in light of (or in spite of) this shortfall. There’s a first for everything, right?
  • *Marko Arnautovic – I think Arnautovic tries to make amends for the Hammers poor showing against Liverpool, I have him listed as a favorite to score in this one.
  • *Joshua King – While I think WHU is a better team than they’ve shown, I still think they are likely to be vulnerable to the counterattack, cue King. I think he’ll walk away from this game on the scoresheet.

Last week was a serious letdown, but it was a let down for a lot of people. I think it was much more to doo with individual on the pitch performances than it does with the process being wrong. So, I’m making my one change (Wan-Bissaka for Yedlin) and I feel pretty good heading into Week 2… stay tuned!
Week 1 score: 38 Points
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