Matchday 2: Brighton & Hove Albion/Manchester United

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.
Bright and Hove Albion v. Manchester United
Location: American Express Stadium, Brighton
Manchester is a massive favorite in this match, with about 95% probability of winning. The goals projection is currently at 3.
After another week of supposed drama including Pogba and Mourinho, both parties have stated that things are fine. Pogba is “likely to be the captain” again, which to me, means it’s a certainty and this time he’ll have even more firepower to work with, including Romelu Lukaku. I don’t think Alexis Sanchez will play even close to as bad as the last game his workrate won’t likely allow for it. I think Manchester United walks away with a victory by a 3 or 4 goal margin. 
I just can’t see Brighton getting anything out of this game, even at home. The Seagulls were comfortably dominated by Watford and I don’t really see that changing here. I don’t think the Gulls are as bad of a side as they’ve played, but I’m not going to give them credit until they can show me a performance worth of that support. I still haven’t seen Jahanakshk
Bold Predictions (tally will be kept on players identified and teams at the bottom of this running series):

  • Winner: Manchester United
  • Final Score: 4-0
  • Goalscorer(s):
    • Man Utd: Rashford, Lukaku, Sanchez, Shaw
    • BHA: N/A

Last Updated: August 18, 2018
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