EPL Matchday 2 Roundup


  • Pregame notes: Matchday 2: Tottenham/Fulham
  • Bold predictions (from Pregame Notes):
    • Correct Score/Winner/Goalscorers (2/4)
    • Incorrect: Goalscorers (2/4)


  • Pregame notes: Matchday 2: Cardiff/Newcastle
  • Bold predictions (from Pregame Notes):
    • Correct Absolutely nothing
    • Incorrect: Winner (predicted 2-1 Newcastle)/Score/Goalscorers (0/3)

West Ham United/Bournemouth

  • Pregame notes: Matchday 2: West Ham/Bournemouth
  • Bold predictions (from Pregame Notes):
    • Correct Goalscorers (1/3)
    • Incorrect Score (opposite of prediction)/Winner (Bournemouth win)

Leicester City/Wolves



  • Pregame notes: Matchday 2: Burnley/Watford
  • Bold predictions (from Pregame Notes):
    • Correct Burnley Projection
    • Incorrect Winner/Scoreline/Goalscorers (0/3)


  • Pregame notes: Matchday 2: Chelsea/Arsenal
  • Bold predictions (from Pregame Notes):
    • Correct margin of victory/Winner
    • Incorrect Scoreline/Goalscorers — talked about them but never put them in (0/5)

Brighton & Hove Albion/Manchester United

Manchester City/Huddersfield

Crystal Palace/Liverpool


  • Week 2 Totals:
    • Winner: 5-5 (50% correct)
    • Score: 1-9 (10% correct)
    • Goal Scorers: 6-34 (15% correct)

Totals (including prior weeks):

  • Winner: 12-8 (60% correct)
  • Score: 4-16 (20% correct)
  • Goal Scorers: 13-63 (17.1% correct)

We had some super lopsided matches this week, to go along with a huge upset (BHA overcoming United). Not the best week, but all things considered — I’ll take it. Keep an eye out for the Power Rankings this week, we should have some huge changes.
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