Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 2 Recap

Here is the team I’m going to in Match Day 2 with, I called all of my guys and asked them to put on a much better performance than last week! Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer).

  • *David de Gea – £6 – Week 2 points: 1 — As noted in our Week 2: Post-Game Thoughts (Part 2 of 2), this has got to be the surprise of the week. I had written about de Gea having a good shot at a clean sheet, but apparently Manchester United’s kryptonite struck again. Despite the less than stellar performances for de Gea, I don’t plan on moving him anywhere.
  • Jonas Lössl – £4.5 – Week 2 points: 0 — Lössl v. Man City was an absolute non-starter, I think Lössl will have some good games this year, but this was never going to be one.


  • *Schindler – £4.5 – Week 2 points: -2 — I didn’t expect a huge night from Schindler, but I also didn’t expect Huddersfield to ship 6 goals.
  • *Monreal – £5.5 Week 2 points: 1 — Monreal made it back into the side and it was just not a great team performance, I feel pretty comfortable about holding to him for the game against West Ham and beyond — Arsenal should run into a string of easy fixtures.
  • *Wan-Bissaka – £4.5 – Week 2 points: -2 — Wan-Bissaka got sent off towards the end of a game for denying Mo Salah a goal scoring opportunity. It’s a shame really because the rest of his game was marvelous. He will miss the next game (vs. Watford) because of the red card, but I would be absolutely shocked if the disciplinary committee gave him anything but a one-week ban. Best case scenario is they rescind the ban, but I think this is unlikely.
  • Fredericks – £5 – Week 2 points: 0 — Fredericks didn’t make the team for Match Day 2 after a rough showing for West Ham in their decimation against Liverpool. West Ham has a really rough schedule going forward, I’m considering moving him out until closer to their stretch of easier fixtures (might allow me to buy him back for even less).
  • Lovren – £5 – Week 2 points: 0 —  Lovren expected to come back 1 Sep, and he should work his way back into the side. I don’t think he’ll even need to play the full 90′ to make an impact on the pitch.


  • *Mo Salah – £13 – Week 2 points: 9 (18 if he was your captain) — Salah stacked the sheet yet again, he had a hand in two separate goals and was just generally dominant. No reason to come off him, probably for the whole season.
  • *Pogba – £8 – Week 2 points: 8 — Manchester United’s performance definitely hindered Pogba’s value this week, he managed to put points on the board because of a converted penalty.
  • *Fred – £6 – Week 2 points: 2–  United played terribly, and with spurs coming up — I’m having some reservations about continuing with him on my lineup.
  • Jahanbakhsh – £7 – Week 2 points: 0 — I’m starting to have reservations about holding on Jahanbakshsh, he made the bench, but I’m struggling with whether or not to sell keep him on my roster. He’s almost the same price as Pogba who’s actually been contributing to my side, Jahanbakhsh has only played 20 minutes in the league and featured yesterday in the Premier League 2 side. That’s not looking promising for a start this weekend.
  • *Jack Wilshere – £5 – Week 2 points: 1 — Wilshere didn’t contribute much to West Ham’s eventual loss to Bournemouth.


  • *Harry Kane – £12 – Week 2 points: 7 — Kane broke his August drought and put a goal in support for us. He very nearly bagged a second, but I’m thrilled about his potential for the season.
  • *Marko Arnautovic – £7 – Week 2 points: 8 — We got a little bit from Arnautovic this weekend, and I think he’s still going to be the focal point for West Ham going forward, so he won’t be leaving my team.
  • *Joshua King – £6.5 – Week 2 points: 1 — Although he didn’t really contribute, King had a good game and Bournemouth has an easy run, with the exception of Chelsea in week 4, until week 11 (which is against Man Utd).

Well, I guess technically I got my wish as the score was higher. This week I got hurt by the crazy Manchester United upset and the 6-goal shellacking by Man City. This season has started off rough, but we’ll have a better sense of what’s to come in the next little bit.
Week 1 score: 38 Points 2018-2019 Fantasy Premier Week 1: Recap
Week 2 score: 43 Points
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