Premier League – Week 3 Power Rankings

After a Week 2 that saw Manchester City looking as dominant as ever, while their neighbors Manchester United looked the complete opposite, there were mostly minor shifts in the Power Rankings this week, with the big winners of the weekend (that had room to move) moving up the rankings.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChange
1Manchester City2-0-01
4Tottenham Hotspur2-0-041↑
6AFC Bournemouth2-0-082↑
7Manchester United1-0-134↓
9Leicester City1-0-1123↑
10Crystal Palace1-0-173↓
11Newcastle United0-1-111
13Brighton & Hove Albion1-0-1185↑
15West Ham United0-1-1141↓
17Wolverhampton Wanderers0-1-1161↓
18Cardiff City0-1-1191↑
20Huddersfield Town0-0-220

Watford and Brighton & Hove Albion each moved up five spots: Watford on the strength of a win against Burnley on the road, and Brighton due to their dominant game against Manchester United, a match that wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicates. At this point early in the season, Watford may be the team that we missed the most on – during the preseason, we had them 16th, just barely out of relegation.
Arsenal, after another loss to start the season with no points after two games, falls five spots, the largest tumble of the week. They remain ahead of teams with a point for now, but another loss – or even a draw – against an underachieving West Ham United team next week could move them behind a couple of those one point teams.
Manchester United fell from its lofty perch as well, and will look to right the ship against a Spurs team at Old Trafford next Monday, but in losing to Brighton on Sunday, they looked nothing like the club that has all those championships, or even a team that wants to compete for a spot in the Champions League next year.
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