Matchday 3: Huddersfield v Cardiff

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.
Huddersfield vs. Cardiff City
Location: John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield
This game is billed as a tight encounter with the most likely winner being Bournemouth. This may be a function of being the home side, but the goal prediction is between 2-3.
I think that this Huddersfield side is far better than their record indicates, ideally you want to get some points prior to game three. This has way less to do with the side than it does with who they’ve played, Chelsea and Manchester City. This side was essentially playing with “house money” for those first two games, and I think this is why you’ve seen Ben Hamer instead of Lössl. It sounds like there was a spat about fitness levels upon his return and that this Hamer move was to prove the point to Lössl that he can still lose his place as well. With that said, this game against fell relegation-favorite Cardiff is not a game they can afford to lose, so I think the best player will play. This side looked good in stretches against even the biggest clubs, and I think they can boss this game. Looking for new Huddersfield gear?

This Cardiff side has looked outclassed so far this season, they played a good Bournemouth side but were only able to generate one shot on goal. They also only managed 1 shot on goal against a Newcastle side that they had a man advantage for almost 30 minutes. Frankly, this is not good enough for a team that wants to stay in the Premier League. Cardiff’s opposition has not been good enough (or played well enough) to warrant this level of impotency from the attack, I think Cardiff is going to be in for another game. I also think that Lössl is a large step up from a lot of the competition they’ve played and I think that without substantial improvement from this side, they are unlikely to come away with anything. And if their form overall (and offensive abilities) don’t improve, it’s going to send Cardiff straight back to the Championship.
Bold Predictions (tally will be kept on players identified and teams at the bottom of this running series):

  • Winner: Huddersfield
  • Final Score: 2-0
  • Goalscorer(s):
    • Huddersfield Town: Sobhi/Hadergjonaj
    • Cardiff City: N/A

Here’s how our Bold Predictions did last week:

  • Week 2 Totals:
    • Winner: 5-5 (50% correct)
    • Score: 1-9 (10% correct)
    • Goal Scorers: 6-34 (15% correct)

Totals (including prior weeks):

  • Winner: 12-8 (60% correct)
  • Score: 4-16 (20% correct)
  • Goal Scorers: 13-63 (17.1% correct)

Last Updated: August 22, 2018
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