EFL Championship – (Mid)-Week 4 Power Rankings

Now that all the EFL teams have played their fourth game, and before they play again this weekend, I thought I would do a midweek update to the Power Rankings:
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChange
1Leeds United3-1-01
4West Bromwich Albion2-1-14
5Swansea City2-2-05
6Bolton Wanderers3-1-093↑
7Sheffield United2-1-181↑
8Aston Villa2-1-162↓
9Wigan Athletic2-1-1123↑
10Derby County2-0-2133↑
11Nottingham Forest1-3-011
12Preston North End1-1-2125↓
14Norwich City1-1-2173↑
15Sheffield Wednesday1-1-2183↑
16Blackburn Rovers1-3-016
17Stoke City0-2-2143↓
18Ipswich Town0-2-2153↓
19Hull City1-1-2223↑
20Bristol City1-2-1211↑
21Rotherham United1-0-3201↓
22Birmingham City0-2-2193↓
24Queens Park Rangers0-0-424

All teams have played four matches now, and we have 11 (of the possible 15) record combinations represented in the Championship currently. With Leeds United’s draw against Swansea City, we no longer have any team that has no losses or draws. On the other end, however, Queens Park Rangers remain pointless, and out only team with the ugly-looking 0-0-4 record.
I didn’t want to get to in the weeds with this one, especially with the clubs playing another game this weekend, but it pays to pull out a win, as all teams that won moved up at least one spot. A draw in the midweek match also led teams to stand pat in the rankings, which is why Blackburn Rovers remain behind two teams with fewer points (Blackburn was expected to win against lower ranked Reading but only managed a draw).
Preston North End saw the biggest slide down the rankings on account of their loss to lower ranked Norwich City, who joined five other teams in moving up three spots after wins. We’ll see how this weekend’s matches impact the rankings on Monday, but with two of the four teams that had a “bye” midweek – West Bromwich Albion and Middlesbrough – playing each other, fatigue should only really be a factor in the matches featuring Nottingham Forest (home versus Birmingham City) and Sheffield United (away versus Bolton Wanderers), with the rested teams hoping to pull out victories against two teams that played each other Wednesday.
Until next time…
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