Urban Meyer Suspended Three Games

On the eve of the college football season, one of the highest-paid college football coaches, Urban Meyer, has been suspended for three games. Meyer, the coach at the Ohio State University, was suspended after the board of trustees and their investigators found that he “mishandled domestic assault allegations made against former Buckeyes assistant coach Zach Smith and misrepresented what he knew about the situation in a public statement in July.” Also suspended was Athletic Director Gene Smith, who was told about the allegations about Smith but didn’t report it as required.
Meyer claimed that he was acting out of loyalty to his mentor Earle Bruce, who just happens to be Zach Smith’s grandfather, and that he “followed his heart and not his head” regarding the situation. The investigation found out that Meyer knew of the alleged abuse, though he didn’t condone or cover it up, but that he decided that it was more important to keep Smith on his staff, and took actions to hide his knowledge from investigators.
The only reason that Meyer still has a job is because he is the football coach at a prestigious university; were he a coach of a non-revenue sport most places besides a Big Ten school, he would have been handed his walking papers and would probably find it difficult to find work again. But since he led a flagship university’s football team to a National Championship once, and might take them back again, so they can’t just fire him.
They would’ve had to “reset” this season had they fired him and probably not competed for a championship this year, but they could have easily found another “top flight” coach out there that they can pay close to $4 million a year to run their program. Meyer would have taken a year off for quiet reflection, and probably showed up as the next coach at Notre Dame or something. He wouldn’t have even had to blame “health issues” or “time with his family” this time to go coach where he really wanted to.
Instead, we are going to hear about the Urban Meyer absence every week for the first three weeks, then every week after that, especially if the Buckeyes stumble out of the gate. It’s all about championships after all, and cashing those huge sponsorship checks so schools can build fancy sports complexes while cutting educational programs and running departments with adjuncts. If college football cared about anything beyond that, Baylor and Penn State would still be reeling from a “death penalty” for their major scandals this decade, instead of fielding teams that could compete for conference titles.*
*Okay maybe not Baylor this year, but Penn State is either the third or fourth best team in the Big Ten this year.
Ohio State had an opportunity to show that they were more about arbitrary championships. And they blew it. Were they that concerned that those people yelling at them on Twitter would stop their monthly $20 donation check to secure their shitty football seats? Was there some big money booster that would stop funneling the top athletes to their programs? Or do they just not think that lying and misleading folks isn’t that bad? It’s not like Urban Meyer was abusing his wife, after all, just providing a place for someone else that did it.
I suppose Ohio State still has a chance to do the right thing.  Maybe over the next three weeks, they’ll realize that they don’t really need Urban Meyer anymore. Maybe Meyer decides the same. But I doubt it. Meyer will be back on the sideline when the Buckeyes host Tulane on September 22nd, most likely to a standing ovation to the Ohio State faithful who also care more about football than honestly and integrity. And then he’ll win the game and win the Big 10 and most everyone will forget, with the three game suspension a distant memory, especially if he hoists the Big Ten trophy in December.
All because the Ohio State University was afraid to do the right thing. All because they want to win some games.
Aren’t there more important things?

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