Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 3 Recap

I didn’t manage to do a write up prior to the start of this gameweek (thanks to an unplanned trip to Vegas for a short-notice family wedding), but I figured I’d still let you all know how my lineup did. Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer).

  • David de Gea (Week 3 points: 1) – It’s not that have anything against de Gea, I just think Lössl has huge upside this week and want to give him an opportunity to showcase his abilities. 25.5% ownership.
  • *Jonas Lössl (Week 3 points: 9) – Somehow he still managed not to start, but Hamer only played 12 minutes before Lössl came on — once he did, he repayed my faith with 3 good saves, a clean sheet, and a draw. I’ll take this performance after some lackluster games from my keepers. 1.6% ownership.


  • *Schindler (Week 3 points: 9) – After a couple poor (ok, terrible) performances i finally got a nice return off of him. I expected Huddersfield to rock this game, but instead it fizzled out into a draw, but Schindler still brought in some nice points. 2.5% ownership.
  • *Monreal (Week 3 points: 10) – It’s Nacho Monreal, he’s my Nacho (along with the other 1.2% of people that had him in their line up) and he put out this week. I know, I know, so cliche but I couldn’t miss the opportunity! He put up a dud last week, but he rewarded my faith in him with the full 90′, a goal, and a win. Nice 10 pts for my team. 1.2% ownership.
  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Week 3 points: 0) – Wan-Bissaka put up a donut (surprise, since he was on a red card suspension). 21.3% ownership.
  • *Fredericks (Week 3 points: 0) – This West Ham side is still really struggling to put together results. They were beaten soundly by Arsenal even after holding the game close for about 70 minutes. Fredericks back from his short stint on the bench played the full 90′, conceeded 3 goals, and picked up a yellow card for a whopping zero points. 0.5% ownership.
  • Lovren (Week 3 points: 0) – Lovren is still out injured. 2.7% ownership.


  • *Mo Salah  (Week 3 points: 8 [16 if captain]) – Salah scored the only goal for Liverpool over Brighton this week. It was not an ideal performance (especially in goal difference) for Liverpool, but they ended up getting the win, so I suppose that counts for something. 54.7% ownership.
  • *Pogba (Week 3 points: 2) – United failed to capitalize on all of their chances for this game, despite outshooting Tottenham 23-9. They also held them to zero shots on goal for the first 40′, but a very poor showing (for the second consecutive week) for the whole United side. 18.8% ownership.
  • Fred (Week 3 points: 2) – I think Fred was probably my pick of the bunch for United players, he was very involved in the first half before disappearing (like the rest of United) in the second half. 3.3% ownership.
  • Jahanbakhsh – I couldn’t leave his spot on my bench tied up any longer. I drafted him with the expectation that he’d be a starter, I’m not going to have someone of his price perpetually on my bench. He’s still only played a whopping 19′ across 3 games.
  • *Jack Wilshere (Week 3 points: 1) – The notes on Fredericks are applicable here too — Wilshere didnt’ have a great game, though he played the full 90′ and picked up a yellow card. 3.7% ownership.
  • *⇐James Milner (Week 3 points: 3) – Milner didn’t put up a great performance, but compared to Jahanbaksh’s big ol’ zero from being on the bench it was an ok improvement. 3.6% ownership.


  • *Harry Kane (Week 3 points: 10) – Kane adds a goal to his resume ending nearly 6 scoreless hours of football at Old Trafford (and adding a 2nd goal to his previously-scoreless August goalscoring record) after playing 88′ in the 3-0 of Manchester United. 27.8% ownership.
  • *Marko Arnautovic (Week 3 points: 5) – Arnautovic was the only goalscorer for West Ham to find the back of the net, I am still expecting more from this side, but some points are better than no points. 19% ownership.
  • *Joshua King (Week 3 points: 9) – King finally found himself on the scoresheet this week, he played the full 90′ and got a goal in the eventual draw against Everton. 4.5% ownership.

Definite improvement over the first two weeks of the season, and it was despite Manchester United getting absolutely thrashed (again). Might have to make some wholesale changes to the Man Utd players if this continues, but I’m not going to lie — I’m thinking a much weaker Burnley side might be an opportunity to right the ship (or at least to start).
Week 1 score: 38 Points 2018-2019 Fantasy Premier Week 1: Recap
Week 2 score: 43 Points 2018-2019 Fantasy Premier Week 2: Recap
Week 3 score: 74  Points
Last Updated: August 27, 2018
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