EPL Matchday 3 Summary

Note: After this week, goal scoring predictions will be in the Fantasy Premier League post exclusively.
Not the best week I’ve had this season, but it was not a total loss and it was a definite step up from the week prior.
Wolves/Manchester City:

Southampton/Leicester City:

Huddersfield/Cardfiff City:

Arsenal/West Ham United:


Liverpool/Brighton & Hove Albion:

Watford/Crystal Palace:



Manchester United/Tottenham:

Accountability Statistics for Matchday 3:

  • Winner: 3-7 (30% correct)
  • Score: 1-9 (10% correct)
  • Goal Scorers: 4-38 (10.5% correct)

Running Totals (weeks 1-3):

  • Winner: 15-15 (50% correct)
  • Score: 5-25 (20% correct)
  • Goal Scorers: 17-101 (16.8% correct)

Last Updated: August 28, 2018
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