Premier League – Week 4 Power Rankings

After a Week 3 that saw defending champ Manchester City look rather ordinary and a couple of old stalwarts earn their first points, only two teams remain in the same spot they did in last week’s Power Rankings. Starting with these rankings, we’ll also list where the team currently sits in the league table, which should eventually converge as the season goes on (if they don’t already). I try not to have my proprietary method of determining the rankings clouded by table position, but sometimes it helps add context, especially early in the season before teams start to have opponents in common.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
3Tottenham Hotspur3-0-031↑2
4Manchester City2-1-013↓5
7AFC Bournemouth2-1-061↓6
8Leicester City2-0-191↑7
10Manchester United1-0-273↓13
11Crystal Palace1-0-2101↓10
12Newcastle United0-1-2111↓16
14Brighton & Hove Albion1-0-2131↓12
16Wolverhampton Wanderers0-2-1171↑14
17West Ham United0-0-3152↓20
18Cardiff City0-2-11815
20Huddersfield Town0-1-22019

The two first-time winners on the young season – Arsenal and Fulham – had the biggest moves up the Power Rankings. Fulham scored the most goals of the weekend, while Arsenal used West Ham to finally round into the form expected of them. Both clubs play lower ranked teams this weekend, so followers should expect more of the same, at least through this weekend.
Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your place in the Power Rankings is losing consecutive games, something Manchester United, Burnley, and Southampton all experienced this past weekend. Also not good for lofty rankings is ending a game against a recently promoted club in a draw, especially after scoring SIX goals the week before, so Manchester City joins in the three spot freefall.
The team with the biggest gap between table placement and our Power Rankings is Newcastle United. This is mostly because we thought they had Top 8 potential in the preseason, form they have yet to show. It looks like it might get worse before it gets better, as the Magpies head to Manchester for a match against City at Etihad this weekend and a home match against Arsenal on the 15th. If they can escape those matches with at least a point, they’ll have the opportunity to pick up three points against Cardiff City the following week. Barring an upset, they will most like be lower before they align with that Top 8 spot from the preseason, but that is the reason why they actually force the teams to meet on the pitch and not simply determine winners based on Power Rankings.
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