Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 4 Recap

I didn’t manage to do a write up prior to the start of this gameweek (thanks to an unplanned trip to Vegas for a short-notice family wedding), but I figured I’d still let you all know how my lineup did. Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer).

  • *David de Gea (Week 3 points: 0) – In spite of the Mancester Mess, I still think de Gea is the safest of my keeper plays, though it was a bit of a toss up. I don’t think Burnley has the attacking power to put up a Tottenham performance against United, but I also noted that Richarlison is missing for Everton. Right now I’m leaning towards de Gea and the righting of the United ship — but, I might still change my mind.
  • Jonas Lössl (Week 3 points: 9) – Lössl is always a great play in my mind, and he’s even better when he’s playing an Everton side missing their top scorer. 66% of Everton’s goals will be off the pitch for sure (3 goals from Richarlison suspended, 1 from Michael Keane out with a hairline fracture). I think this lines up well for Huddersfield with someone man marking Theo Walcott (maybe even Schindler) and limiting their attacking abilites that way.


  • *Schindler (Week 3 points: 9) – You can apply a lot of the analysis from Lössl here, but I will add that if Schindler ends up man marking Walcott, there’s defenite chances for some interceptions and counterattacks. My big concern about Huddersfield is if they have the firepower to compete if they go down early. However, if they can score early, I think they have a good chance of riding the game out and protecting the lead against Marco Silva’s side.
  • *Monreal (Week 3 points: 10) – Arsenal meet a Cardiff side that’s yet to score in the Premier League and just lost by a multi-goal spread in their EFL cup game midweek. I expect Monreal to provide awesome service into the box as a result of counter attacking — this should continue, and if Arsenal starts converting a good portion of their chances he could be in for some huge games.
  • *Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Week 3 points: 0) – Wan-Bissaka returns to my starting XI after his one week suspension for receiving a red card (for stopping Mo Salah who was through on goal). Wan-Bissaka gets a match up against Southampton against whom Crystal Palace are pretty solid favorites. He has been one of the highlights for this team and I don’t anticipate that changing now.
  • Fredericks (Week 3 points: 0) – I went back and forth on this play, Fredericks has played very poorly for West Ham (but so has Wilshere). Ultimately, I made the call the Wilshere probably has more upside with Arnautovic starting — which I assume will happen, despite his “injury”. Pelligrini spoke to the media and told them that Arnautovic has trained all week with the exception of Monday, and West Ham really needs to get points on the boar.
  • Lovren (Week 3 points: 0) – I know Lovren is anticipated to be back for this weekends game, but I want to make sure he does, in fact, get into the starting line up. Liverpool is stacked right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an abbreviated cameo for Lovren. I anctipate being back on him in week 5.


  • *Mo Salah  (Week 3 points: 8 [16 if captain]) – Leicester has shown some serious flaw in defending against talented individuals and potential weakness in counterattacks. I think that both of these lead me to Salah being my captain, yet again. I don’t think this game will be a blow out, but I think Salah sets up for some lovely opportunity against this side. Manchester United beat this Leicester City side 2-1 (and we’ve seen how Man Utd is playing), I think that they should be able to at least replicate this performance. They only managed a 1-0 win last week, but I don’t think that will become a recurring trend.
  • *Pogba (Week 3 points: 2) – I know I’m not the only trying to figure out what’s wrong with this team, this is the second week in a row that they have allowed a 2′ double salvo to the oppostition. United is sinking down the table and is in urgent need of some points. I don’t think that given how the defenders have been playing for United, that they can afford to sit back any longer. I imagine we’ll see a United side that goes on the attack looking to hold on to a winning position. Although they haven’t been proficient at converting their chances, they’ve definitely had them — and I think if they start to fall that this United team could get back on track.
  • Fred (Week 3 points: 2 ) – Fred seemed to be largely absent after about 40′ of Manchester United’s disasterous 3-0 loss to Tottenham. I think that if United can get back on the horse and regain some unity on the pitch and in the backroom, that he will have some good value.
  • *Jack Wilshere (Week 3 points: 1) – This might be make or break for my West Ham players, super disasppointed in their game so far. I will need a much better performance to hold on to them, this Wolves team has been in shambles, if WHU can’t beat them it would be really unfortunate. I’m playing the odds here in WHU should beat Wolves and should be able to provide some class in addition.
  • *James Milner (Week 3 points: 3) – Liverpool’s 1-0 performance over Brighton was a bit of a let down, but Brighton has shown that they have some serious desire to stay in the division. I think that Salah can unlock this Leicester side and I think that Milner will be one of the people to benefit from this. I anticipate him doing late arriving runs and hanging out near the top of the box, Salah has been wonderful with his passing and I imagine he’ll repeat setting Milner for a potentially great night.


  • *Harry Kane (Week 3 points: 10) – Harry Kane has broken his August scoreless drought and Tottenham has looked good, there’s absolutely no reason to pull a Harry Kane in this form out. He might not score goals every week, but I think he will be able to clock some good points; he demands coverage and can open up other spaces on the pitch for his teammates.
  • *Marko Arnautovic (Week 3 points: 5) – Arnautovic is technically an injury concern, but Pelligrini has indicated that he will be playing after practicing all week. He’s been the glowing star for this side, and I have no doubt he’ll be starting. As Arnautovic goes, so does the rest of the team — and I think this week is the week for them to vindicate all the pundits that were so high on them to begin with.
  • *Joshua King (Week 3 points: 9) – King finally made a statement in this last game, and I think that it will continue. Chelsea has been terrible about holding leads, and Bournemouth have been grat at coming back. I like Bournemouth as a sneaky upset this week, and I think that if they pull it off, it will be on the coatstrings of King.

I’ve decided to roll this week with a 3 defender, 4 midfielder, and 3 striker formation. I think this week lines up nicely for a number of juicy performances. I think the Wolves v. West Ham game should yield some good goals, Liverpool will return to their multigoal performances and United will get back on the horse with a good result.
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Last Updated: August 30, 2018
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