Friday Night Spotlight – Georgia State vs. Memphis

This series will cover the most intriguing game of the Friday night games, it might not be the highest profile game… but that shouldn’t take away from the game. Tonight’s game is actually the only Friday night game on the slate this week, but I think it has the potentially to be a sneakily good game.
Both teams enter the match 1-1 with Georgia State having been beaten by a good NC State team. This is far from a bad loss though, preaseason expectations are for NC State to come out of the ACC in 8th position and ESPN’s FPI  expects them to go 7-4 (though one of those losses was expected to be at now-cancelled WVU, and in a conference that includes the #2 team in the nation, winning all but 2-3 games seems pretty reasonable.
NC State has flourished under Coach Dave Doeren bringing in some of its best recruits in a long time. I think there’s a very real possibility that this NC state team finishes with 2 losses (or less). So what does this mean for Georgia State? It means their one loss comes to a likely candidate for Top 25 in the nation. So, from my perspective it doesn’t mean much of anything. Georgia State comes in as a serious underdog (3+ TDs) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a much closer than it’s showing. I think that this Georgia State is a decent side, they might not win – but I think they’ll give this game a fair shake.
Memphis comes in off of a loss to Navy after having serious issues holding to the ball (5 turnovers) though turnovers plagued both sides. Navy had 3 fumbles, and Memphis had 4 plus an interception. I think whether or not Memphis is able to pull of the big win that’s expected is going to be based on their ability to hold on to the football. Neither defense was particularly stout with each side giving up over 300 yards. Memphis was rather impotent in the passing game against Navy, while Georgia State was beaten through the air and limited NC state to a respectable 115 yards on the ground.
I think that Memphis may have just had a bad game, but I think there’s upset potential if they play the same way. Georgia State has shown they are a little vulnerable to the passing game and in Memphis’ first game (against Mercer) they were completely dominant through the air, racking up 5 TDs and more than 350 yards. I don’t think that Memphis needs a repeat of this performance, but I think it’s important to not be entirely one-dimensional because they Georgia State can hone in on that particular element.
This game can be found on ESPN in primetime and that is where both heroes and heartbreak happen, tune in and get ready! What is your guess on the score come the end of the game?
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