EFL Championship – Week 7 Power Rankings

It seemed that some of the teams this week wanted to remain on break, and results indicated as much. Lot’s of movement up and down in both these Power Rankings and the League Table. Only four teams stayed in the same position as last week, and half the clubs moving down an average of two spots. I am including the actual table position for the clubs as well, if only to see how my rankings have shifted to align with the club’s actual placement.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Leeds United4-3-011
4Sheffield United4-0-331↓5
5Bristol City4-2-1127↑3
6West Bromwich Albion3-2-271↑8
7Derby County4-0-352↓7
8Bolton Wanderers3-2-262↓10
9Swansea City3-3-181↓6
10Aston Villa2-4-11012
11Sheffield Wednesday3-2-2119
12Wigan Athletic3-1-393↓11
13Norwich City2-2-3141↑16
14Rotherham United3-0-4173↑14
15Nottingham Forest1-5-1132↓15
16Blackburn Rovers2-4-1151↓19
17Queens Park Rangers2-1-4181↑18
18Hull City2-1-4213↑17
20Stoke City1-3-3182↓20
22Preston North End1-2-4166↓23
23Birmingham City0-5-2221↓21
24Ipswich Town0-3-4241↓24

Bristol City, on the strength of their fourth straight win, moved up seven spots. This move almost gets them to match where they are in the actual league table, and continued strong performance should continue their march up these Power Rankings as well.
At the bottom of the Power Rankings are the two teams in the Championship that have yet to win a match this season. Birmingham City is currently outside of the relegation zone, however, due to their better point differential compared to the other clubs with five points on the season (-2), compared to Reading (-3) and Preston North End (-5).
The aforementioned Preston North End had the biggest move down the Power Rankings, dropping six spots after losing to Reading, formerly the bottom team in these Rankings. Their slide was exacerbated by a lot of lower teams actually winning matches this weekend, but losing to a Reading team that was formerly the worst team sure didn’t help either.
This week, teams are playing two matches, so the Power Rankings are poised to be full of movement yet again. We’ll be back with a mid-week update to the rankings after matches are completed on Wednesday and before the second match for each club.
Until next time…
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