Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 5 Recap

2018-2019 Fantasy Premier League, Week 5:
Week 5’s score was not helped by neither Mendy nor Fredericks making the XI for their respective teams. But I guess for only having 9 players involved and a tight Liverpool/Tottenham game, it could have been worse. My faith in both King and Arnautovic was rewarded but overall still a rather disappointing week.
Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer), ¤ – Captain.

  • *David de Gea (Week 5 points: 3) – Well, the bettors were right, unfortunately though — de Gea was unable to keep the clean sheet. This would have been a much better play with a clean sheet bonus added on.
  • Jonas Lössl (Week 5 points: 2) – As I expected, Huddersfield were beaten by Crystal Palace and there was a points drop off between de Gea and Lössl, though not to the level I had expected.


  • *Schindler (Week 5 points: 2) – Schindler has been really disappointing for me this season, with the exception of the Cardiff game, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of the transfers for the coming weeks. This Huddersfield side looks destined for a one-way trip back to the Championship after some really lackluster performances.
  • *Monreal (Week 5 points: 2) – I was kind of surprised by the general lack of involvement for Monreal this week after the positive press he’s gotten for performances at other points during this young season.
  • *Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Week 5 points: 9) – I was pleased with Wan-Bissaka’s involvement in this match, he got the clean sheet and the win. It was a nice comeback performance from him.
  • *Fredericks (Week 5 points: 0) – I’m not sure why Fredericks didn’t make the XI this time, I haven’t been able to find anything indicating an injury, but this might have actually been a points producing week for him with the 3 WHU goals.
  • *Benjamin Mendy (Week 5 points: 0) – I’m seeing notes now, after the contest, indicating that Mendy may have taken a knock (knee) that had him miss out on the line up, but I am thinking/hoping it’s a one-time deal.


  • *Mo Salah (Week 5 points: 2 [4 if captain]) – I mentioned my concerns about fielding Salah and Kane both given that this was billed to be a tight contest. Fortunately (or unfortunately, perhaps) the bench players wouldn’t have contributed anymore than these two did.
  • *Pogba (Week 5 points: 2) – Pogba played better than the scoring here indicates, Manchester United were dominant for large portions of the game — despite not converting nearly as many opportunities as perhaps they should have.
  • Fred (Week 5 points: 0) – Fred was a late game substitute and didn’t really have time/opportunities to make an impact.
  • Jack Wilshere (Week 5 points: 0) – West Ham went on to perform surprisingly well this week — but Wilshere played no part in it.
  • James Milner (Week 5 points: 2) – Milner is a member of that low scoring Liverpool/Tottenham game, and didn’t really make a huge impact on the game anyways.


  • *Harry Kane (Week 5 points: 2) – I covered most things that matter for this under Salah, I knew going into it that Kane & Salah were risky this week.
  • *Marko Arnautovic (Week 5 points: 12) – Arnautovic has pretty much been the only reliable option for West Ham and this week was no different. He continues to put goals in the net and points on the board. Until I see something take me off him, he’ll be in my starting lineup every week because he’s shown the consistency.
  • *Joshua King (Week 5 points: 11) – The cherries put in a great performance against a slumping Leicester side. They had the advantage before Wes Morgan’s red card. Overall, a great performance from the side.

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Last Updated: September 17, 2018
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