EFL Championship – (Mid)-Week 7 Power Rankings

The first round of matches this week is now complete, and with a full slate coming this weekend as well, I wanted to update the Power Rankings leading up to the games this weekend.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Leeds United5-3-011
4Sheffield United4-1-346
5West Bromwich Albion4-2-261↑4
6Derby County4-1-371↑9
7Bristol City4-2-252↓5
8Aston Villa3-4-1102↑7
9Wigan Athletic4-1-3123↑8
10Bolton Wanderers3-2-382↓15
11Swansea City3-3-292↓10
12Norwich City3-2-3131↑12
13Sheffield Wednesday3-2-3112↓13
14Nottingham Forest2-5-1151↑11
15Queens Park Rangers3-1-4172↑16
16Blackburn Rovers2-5-11614
17Rotherham United3-0-5143↓18
18Stoke City2-3-3202↑17
19Hull City2-1-5181↓19
21Birmingham City0-6-2232↑20
22Ipswich Town0-4-4242↑24
24Preston North End1-2-5222↓23

Not a ton of massive movement after the results from Tuesday and Wednesday, but a bit of shuffling at the top. Bristol City finally lost again, which moved them down slightly, and Birmingham City moved up the table – and rankings – despite still being winless on the season.
Since these rankings try to account for “what have you done lately,” it doesn’t particularly matter where the teams currently are in the league table, but the teams are kind of aligning with where they currently are on these Power Rankings. The biggest discrepancy is probably Ipswich Town, which is still winless on the season and only has 4 points. However, Preston North End has gone 0-4-1 the past 5 games, whereas Ipswich has done slightly better at 0-3-2. This seems to change every week – or every Power Rankings in the least, so we’ll see what the weekend’s results do to Ipswich and Preston North End, as well as all the other clubs.
Preston North End plays on the road at Sheffield United on Saturday, so their chances of getting a point are fairly diminished, though Sheffield United has been up and down in recent weeks. Ipswich has a easier game this weekend – at home against the Bolton Wanderers – would lead me to believe that they can garner at least a point, though I’m sure they would be much more happy with a win and the three points that come with it.
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