Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 6

2018-2019 Fantasy Premier League, Week 6:
Last week saw a number of unfortunate happenings, Mendy and Wilshere both got hurt. Wilshere’s injury is expected to be a long-term ankle injury while Mendy’s is suspected to be a short term. Arnautovic is still “dealing with his injury” that he’s had most of the season though he led my lineup in points last weekend and I don’t really expect him to sit this week against Chelsea. My lineup also survived the Liverpool/Tottenham derby, and with Liverpool getting Southampton and Tottenham getting Brighton, I’m expecting a return to form with a bang!
Legend: (*) – starting XI, ⇐ – incoming (transfer), ⇒ – outgoing (transfer), ¤ – Captain.

  • *David de Gea (Week 5 points: 3) – I think you can take my write up from most any week and put it here, de Gea is still my #1 keeper. I think he’s one of the best keepers in the Premier League and definitely the most consistent. He didn’t quite manage the clean sheet last week, and I think that will just urge him on even more for this week. Wolves have had some decent showings, but they’ve not shown well against the more prominent sides, I don’t really expect them to be a huge threat in this match either.
  • Jonas Lössl (Week 5 points: 2) – I just don’t see this being a good matchup for the Terriers, and I’m not convinced that this play is worth the risk this week. I need Huddersfield to show me they can at least stay in a game before I’d feel like buying into a risky proposition.


  • Schindler (Week 5 points: 2) – Huddersfield as a whole has been very disappointing this year for my money, and so I think I’m going to give Schindler a week on the bench vs. Leicester. Huddersfield have been really impotent, and while I don’t think they are a top-tier side in this league, I think they should still be performing better.
  • *Monreal (Week 5 points: 2) – Monreal seems like a no-brainer for me this week, Everton got manhandled by West Ham last week, and I think that Arsenal should have no difficulty garnering a win here.
  • *Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Week 5 points: 9) – Wan-Bissaka rewarded me for sticking with him after his poor-point showing performance last week. Palace came away with the win and he certainly helped. I think that Palace has a real chance to walk away from this match with a win also after Newcastle was beaten soundly by Arsenal.
  • Fredericks (Week 5 points: 0) – Fredericks has been in a rut so far, and was actually not even included in the squad for the Hammers last game. This is concerning, as I’ve already used my transfer this week to mitigate the Wilshere issue, he’s in my line up (on the bench) but he could find himself on the proverbial hotseat unless he can at minimum get back on the pitch.
  • *Benjamin Mendy (Week 5 points: 0) – Everything I’ve been able to find about Mendy’s injury is that it’s minor and most expect him to line up in the starting XI next gameday, hopefully that’s true, because I would love to get points outside of Wan-Bissaka from the defense.


  • ¤*Mo Salah (Week 5 points: 2 [4 if captain]) – Salah should shine in this matchup as Southampton is going to have to go on the offensive to get anything from this game. They have really struggled to score goals and have conceded as many as they’ve scored, I anticipate Southampton to have to push forward and I think that Salah will spearhead a devastating counter attack.
  • *Pogba (Week 5 points: 2) – Pogba seemed to take the week off last week, but so far he’s been pivotal in the games that Manchester United have won. I’m still willing to ride this out, I don’t think that Wolves will be much of a match for the newfound form from United. Smalling and Lindelhof seem to be settling into a decent centerback pairing and I think we’ll continue to see them get better. I haven’t seen anything about whether or not Luke Shaw will be playing this week, if he does, I think that Pogba becomes an even better play because Shaw has been a sniper on crossing.
  • Fred (Week 5 points: 0) – I’m off Fred because his number of appearances for Manchester United have been so inconsistent, I don’t even think it’s a 50-50 chance at this point, he’s been introduced as a time wasting tactic mostly. He’s really only had one meaningful appearance, so, depending on where things go he might be getting shipped off like Wilshere was this week.
  • Jack Wilshere (Week 5 points: 0) – With the news breaking that Wilshere is set to be sidelined until at least Christmas, I have decided to cut ties here and let him go for my transfer this week. It’s unfortunate that he continues to have injuries pile up but I’m not going to carry a long-term injury risk who’s presently unhealthy.
  • *James Milner (Week 5 points: 2) –  Milner has performed well so far this season and the only reason he wasn’t in my line up last week is because of the Tottenham/Liverpool match up, I’m all in for Milner against Southampton.
  • *⇐ Will Hughes (Week 5 points: 2) – The Watford midfielders have been largely responsible for the success of the side with almost all of their goals scored from the midfield. I don’t anticipate this to change as the season goes on and Hughes is averaging more than 4 points per week. This week he gets a Fulham side that was roughed up by City so I see the potential for some great upside here from assists or goals.


  • *Harry Kane (Week 5 points: 2) – Kane and Tottenham get Brighton this week, they (BHA) are only averaging 2 goals allowed per game, but I think this might be a game where Tottenham takes them for a little bit more than that. As usual, I expect Kane to be highly involved in the action.
  • *Marko Arnautovic (Week 5 points: 12) – I will be watching Arnautovic’s injury status up to the start of the game, but as of now I see no reason to exclude him from the lineup, he’s “battled” this issue for most of the season and it hasn’t kept him on the bench, but keep an eye out for a status change just in case.
  • *Joshua King (Week 5 points: 11) – King was in great form against the Foxes, and I think they are a better side than Burnley by a long shot. I look forward to another big performance from the Cherries and maybe a goal (or even multiple).

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Last Updated: September 17, 2018
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