Dark Horse Chronicles – Tottenham Hotspur

This week we cover another team that is a darkhorse team based on their having not yet won a Premier League Championship. They do have two championships prior to the 1992 creation of the Premier League, but none since, nor have they managed to lift trophies beyond the FA Cup on two occasions, 1998-1999 and 2007-2008.

By no means is this piece meant to denigrate their success or abilities as a cup, in fact, they were one of the original expansions of the Big Six of the Premier League. Tottenham has been one of the most successful teams to have never won a title — they are also prolific producers of the English national team.
What makes them different now?
First, something that I don’t believe has ever happened in the Premier League happened this year, in fact, it might be the first time it’s happened in a top tier athletic team in major competition. Mauricio Pochettino declared that he had no need to add transfers to his side, which is first and perhaps foremost, a huge vote of confidence for his team (which I think has been repaid on the pitch). They currently reside at 5th place so far (with Heung-Min Son missing extended time for the Asian Cup. Perhaps more importantly though are the additions to the “war chest” which based on no incoming transfer action should add around £180-190M pounds to the club coffers. Some of this undoubtedly will be used to finance the club’s new stadium, but I think Pochettino’s move will definitely free up some cash if he wants it later.
Second, although several Tottenham players that also play for the English national side that saw a “bumper showing” last World Cup. I think that large swathes of England (and likely those players) wanted better from their side. Tottenham brings back players from England as well as other countries will want to show that their World Cup form was not a fluke. Harry Kane has already broken the fabled “August curse” and they are well within striking distance in the table.
While Liverpool may still be the favorites behind Manchester City repeating, I think that Tottenham still have a reasonable chance at causing a serious upset.
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