Friday Night Spotlight – UCLA v. Colorado

This series will cover the most intriguing game of the Friday night games, it might not be the highest profile game.
This game was picked as our selection this evening for a few reasons. The last several seasons have been a fight to establish credibility in an ever-changing NCAA arena. The PAC-10/12 was one of the Premier college football programs and many analysts argued that they were substantially undervalued because their games were too late for most east coasters. The Colorado Buffalo have had one of the roughest beginnings for a team in a new conference, finally arriving to his current 28-38 (0.424) in conference play. The next closest record is Utah’s Kyle Whittingham at 28-36 (0.4375). Utah and Colorado have both had their share of difficulties in the recent years. This is one of the reasons this game is so important not just for those two teams, but also for the PAC-12 more generally.
Recently, they’ve started to struggle with parity in the conference, which can be awesome in a sport like basketball but can be a nail in the proverbial coffin for football teams. PAC-12 teams have been cannibalizjng each other which has sullied their records. So when a team comes in like Colorado at 3-0 against a team who is 0-3 like UCLA it’s important for the conference for the favorite to carry through. We see this playing out in the conference already with the top representative at #7 in 4-0 Stanford. Because of upsets early on there is basically no one else in the conference close. Here’s the catch-22 though, fans love coming into games thinking that anyone could win in the game and that parity makes a “strong” conference. But the reality is two fold, the College Football Playoff doesn’t really view it that way, you can survive one — maybe two losses. Secondly, the PAC-12 has one of the worst post-season performances in recent memory with only Utah winning their bowl game.
Colorado leads in yards of passing offense, rushing offense, yards, and points allowed. But, maybe what it really comes down to is this — will PAC-12 After Dark happen again?
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