(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 9 Slate

This week will see the Championship clubs playing twice due to EFL Cup matches and whatnot. As always, the number in parenthesis before each team in their current spot in the Weekly Power Rankings. Home teams are listed first, and winners will be indicated in bold. In the event of a draw, both teams will be placed in italics.

There will be seven matches on Tuesday, five matches on Wednesday, 11 matches on Saturday, and one on Sunday:

Tuesday, 2 October 2018
7:45pm BST/2:45pm EST
(11) Aston Villa 3-3 (24) Preston North End
(6) Brentford 1-1 (16) Birmingham City
(20) Hull City 0-1 (4) Leeds United
(22) Ipswich Town 0-2 (3) Middlesbrough
(10) Wigan Athletic 0-0 (9) Swansea City
(21) Reading 0-1 (19) Queens Park Rangers
(17) Stoke City 2-0 (7) Bolton Wanderers

Wednesday, 3 October 2018
7:45pm BST/2:45pm EST
(15) Blackburn Rovers 0-2 (2) Sheffield United
(8) Derby County 1-1 (5) Norwich City
(13) Nottingham Forest 2-2 (23) Millwall
(18) Rotherham United 0-0 (12) Bristol City
(14) Sheffield Wednesday 2-2 (1) West Bromwich Albion
Saturday, 6 October 2018
12:30pm BST/7:30am EST
(4) Leeds United 1-1 (6) Brentford   **MATCH OF THE WEEK**
3:00pm BST/10:00am EST
(16) Birmingham City 3-1 (18) Rotherham United
(3) Middlesbrough 0-2 (13) Nottingham Forest
(23) Millwall 2-1 (11) Aston Villa
(5) Norwich City 0-1 (17) Stoke City
(24) Preston North End 4-0 (10) Wigan Athletic
(19) Queens Park Rangers 1-1 (8) Derby County
(2) Sheffield United 1-0 (20) Hull City
(9) Swansea City 2-3 (22) Ipswich Town
(1) West Bromwich Albion 4-1 (21) Reading
5:30pm BST/12:30pm EST
(7) Bolton Wanderers 0-1 (15) Blackburn Rovers

Sunday, 7 October 2018
1:30pm BST/8:30am EST
(12) Bristol City 1-2 (14) Sheffield Wednesday

Our Match of the Week sees former #1 club (at least in our Power Rankings, as they remain in first place in the league table) Leeds United defending their home pitch against Brentford.  Both teams are comfortably in the promotion zone, though Brentford would have to go to the playoff should they stay in the same position through the end of the season. Picking up three points wouldn’t move Brentford into the auto-promotion zone, but three points is always best, and I like Brentford’s chances to at least earn the draw.

Much like I used to write about West Ham United over on the Premier League side of things, Ipswich Town remains the only winless club in the Championship, and head to Wales this week for a match against Swansea. Chances are that they struggle on the road and would be lucky to pick up the one point for a draw, but a win would solidly move them out of the relegation zone and help start of October well for them.

Until next time…

Last update: 7 October 2018, 6:55pm EST
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