Premier League – Week 8 Power Rankings

Week 7 of the Premier League is in the books, and we only had six clubs stay put from their ranking last week. We also have a new top club, and another week where the top two clubs in the league table play each other.
As always, these rankings only include league play during the week, but if something dramatic happens in the EFL Cup or Champions League, it might affect the teams’ performance elsewhere.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Manchester City6-1-021↑1
5Tottenham Hotspur5-0-261↑4
6Wolverhampton Wanderers3-3-182↑9
8AFC Bournemouth4-1-291↑7
9Leicester City4-0-3101↑8
11West Ham United2-1-4154↑14
12Manchester United3-1-375↓10
14Brighton & Hove Albion1-2-4122↓15
15Crystal Palace2-1-4132↓13
17Newcastle United0-2-51718
19Cardiff City0-2-51919
20Huddersfield Town0-2-52020

The big movers this week faced off against each other, so it made sense that the lower ranked winner – West Ham United – move ahead of the team they beat – Manchester United – even if that’s not what the league table looks like. West Ham has turned it around after going pointless through their first four games, while ManU seems to be heading the other direction, at least lately. And even though it doesn’t matter (directly) for these rankings, West Ham is continuing on in the EFL Cup, while ManU lost this week.
Our three winless clubs remained winless, and our bottom club didn’t score yet again, so they remain at THREE GOALS on the season, which is less than half a goal a game (on average). As I’ve mentioned previously in this space, they had a hard time scoring last year, so one would expect that they might spend some money on the offense next season… should they avoid relegation, that is.
I felt bad about dropping Liverpool after a draw, but they needed a last second goal to salvage some points against Chelsea (after losing in the EFL Cup to them a few days prior). They have a chance to rebound this weekend against new number one club Manchester City, which is back on top of these Rankings – and the league – for the first time since they drew against the Wolves back in Week 3.
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