Weekend Preview on Thursday (Week 8) Part 2

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.
Tottenham Hotspur v. Cardiff City
Location: Wembley Stadium, London
Tottenham are massive favorites in this match and the 4 goal spread in their favor is not likely to be mere flattery.
Tottenham are coming off a loss to Barcelona  with substantial lineup changes being required due to injuries. This team is down 5 regular starters, but, I still think that this side has the firepower to win (easily) against this Cardiff side that just doesn’t look cut out for the Premier League this season.
Cardiff have lost 5 of 7 matches so far this season, drawing in the other 2. They sit in 19th position in the table, solely because Huddersfield has shipped more goals. I think this could be a rough game for a Cardiff side that has lost four consecutive games and has only scored 4 goals on the season.

Manchester United v. Newcastle United
Location: Old Trafford, Manchester
Despite my concerns stated below, Manchester United come in as surefire favorites over Newcastle. Current projections are for 3 goals, all of which are expected to be for the Red Devils.
Manchester United, can I just stop here? I’m at a loss for explaining this side’s play. Pogba, Lukaku, and Sanchez look like they are completely out of their element. Anthony Martial doesn’t look like he even wants to be on the pitch, and Rashford has hardly featured. I’m not going to get drawn into the Mourinho discussion, generally, the truth is somewhere in the middle. They huddled as a show of team unity before a 0-0 draw at Valencia, but this team is just not cutting it. This used to be a side that played for each other in wins and losses, and now, it seems like a bunch of people playing their own games. Individual errors are magnified well beyond the teams overall performance, players are singled out, this just doesn’t seem like a side that’s going to right this ship anytime soon. It’s going to take renewed committments from the players all the way to Ed Woodward (the Chairman) and maybe even the Glazer’s (owners).
Newcastle have failed to win even a single game this season, and have only drawn 2. They are averaging less than a half a goal per game and conceding almost 2. I think even against the “Manchester Trainwreck” it’s going to require some inspired performances from the Magpies or some atrocious mistakes (which aren’t out of the norm this season).

Fulham v. Arsenal
Location: Craven Cottage, Fulham
Arsenal come in as heavy favorites even as the away team in Fulham. The goal projections are at 4 with 3 expected to go Arsenal’s way.
Fulham have recorded only 4 of 9 points at home so far this season. While I don’t think this is a match up than any team wants to have on their schedule, Fulham will be pleased to get this series underway at home because they’ve managed to play substantially better at home. Fulham have conceded almost as many goals as Arsenal have scored, but the inverse is not true. Fulham will need some inspired play to come out with the full 3 points.
Arsenal seem to have found their footing since Emery joined as they’ve been in really good form averaging better than 2 points per match. They have a very solid team, and the team seems fired up to play for Emery, I expect Arsenal to come out on top of this matchup, maybe even by a few goals. Arsenal look like a side that could make some serious waves in the Premier League this season.

Southampton v. Chelsea
Location: St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton
Chelsea are monstronstrous favorites in this match against home side Southampton. The goal projections are expected at 3, though I think it will be a good candidate for Kepa’s clean sheet.
Southampton has managed 5 points out of 7 matches, with the one lone win coming against Crystal Palace. Although I think Southampton is a much improved is a much improved side from last year, I’m not sure how they’ll perform against an in-form Chelsea side. Southampton have played reasonably well at home with 2 draws, and the one loss came against a Leicester City who had a man advantage.
Chelsea currently resides in 3rd place after 5 wins and 2 draws, one of which seemed like an abomination at the time (West Ham) but they’ve started to play very well. Chelsea has been playing very well home and away, but their goalscoring is pretty much even (there’s a slight edge at home because of the odd number of games played, but it’s not significant). I think that this Chelsea side will want to put these last 2 matches (both of the draws) behind them and get back to winning ways.

Liverpool v. Manchester City
Location: Anfield, Liverpool
Liverpool come into this match as slight favorites, likely due to home field advantage. However, the goal projections inordinately favor Liverpool, by nearly 3 goals. I think this is excessive, I don’t think it’s likely that Liverpool beats in-form City by 3 goals.
Liverpool come into this match as the number 2 team in the League behind Manchester City only on goal differential. Liverpool were huge spenders this offseason and so far it looks like it’s paying dividends for the club, however, they still trail City on a technicality. We’re only about a fifth of the way through the season, but the matches played between Liverpool & City could be part of what determines the title. Both sides will want to come out firing and showing their intentions from the very beginning.
Manchester City enter as league leaders with a ridiculous +18 goal differential through 7 games. Some of this has been attained with one of the teams star (if not, the star performer,) in Kevin De Bruyne who was definitely instrumental in their successes last season. However, other players have stepped right into the line and they’ve basically continued their momentum. In our Man City Transfer Review, we looked at the odds of repeating — we told you it’s only been done by one team and everytime it was accomplished there was a pretty substantial points decrease at the end of the season. Can this be the season that we write something new here?
Last Updated: October 3, 2018
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