Bonus: Catching up with Our Dark Horses Thus Far

Here’s how our Darkhorse Teams have fared since we featured them!
La Liga:
Celta Vigo – Currently, Celta Vigo is suffering from a winless streak in their last 5 games, including a loss to Girona (15th) and to Sevilla (1st). Despite their poor form in the last 5 games, salvaging only 3 points from their last five games — they very much remain in the hunt being only 6 points outside of the top spot.
English Premier League:
Watford has one of the bigger surprises this season, and they’ve managed to stay in the top half of the table despite having already played 3 of their 12 games against the big 6 teams this year. Two of their three losses have come to the aforementioned big 6 teams, the other was to the high-flying Bournemouth team that is currently 6th in the table. The Fulham result is not my favorite, as the Fulham side resides in 17th but you can’t win them all, and all their other results have been wins. While their points to first (pictured below) is a little higher I still think, because of who they have played, they have the opportunity to finish well into the top half (spoiler: they were 14th last season).
Liverpool is still undefeated on the season although they have drawn 2 of 3 their games against the Big 6 this year, with their sole win came against Tottenham. That said, they are technically 3rd (on goal difference — they are +12, Chelsea is +13 and City is +18) so obviously they are still very much in the title chase. Could this be the year that Liverpool finally break through and capture a title?
Tottenham is still also in the race, they really dont have much to separate them from the rest of the pack. They’ve been on the wrong side of the tight games or they’d be in that top pack, they have 2 losses where the others have draws. Even Manchester City’s record-breaking season had a handful (ok, 2) of losses throughout the season. They’ll also had some injury concerns, Heung-Min Son was away for the first several games of the season, and they’ve had some off field issues (at goalkeeper *cough cough*).
West Ham United
I am still reasonably high on this side, even with a somewhat disappointing loss to Brighton (though, this Brighton team also beat Manchester United — whatever that’s worth). They’ve started to show some cohesion that’s been missing from their early-season troubles, do I think West Ham will be champions? No. Do I think they have a great chance to improve on their position from last year? Absolutely, though the specifics still remain to be seen.
Just in case any of you have been keeping score, I know that Sheff Wed is not part of this write up. It was intention, because you know — we featured them yesterday and nothing has had the opportunity to change 🙂
Until next time…
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