Is the PAC-12 in a Washington must-win situation?

The PAC-12 has reached an interesting moment, one that they might prefer not to be a part of.
Since the expansion of the PAC-12, much has been about the lack of parity top to bottom. There had consistently been some teams in the cellar, now that story is beginning to change. Right now, the South Division is being led by Colorado who’s 5-0 (2-0 in conference play), but the ranking committees remain unimpressed. They find themselves near the bottom of the polls (18th/19th). Right now the PAC-12 has only 3 ranked teams – #7 Washington, #17 Oregon, and #19 Colorado.
Now we get to the headline — if the PAC-12 wants consideration in the college football playoff should they be rooting for Washington? The unfortunate side effect of this parity is that it’s almost a coin flip for who wins each game. The Washington game in Utah was much closer than the score indicates (and the Huskies were definitely helped by Utah having two defensive ejections), the 0-5 UCLA game was decided by one touchdown, etc.
Why is this bad? Simply put, there are no easy games. The College Football Playoff committee has indicated they look at strength of schedule, but to my knowledge there has never been an invitee with more than 2-losses. In addition, ranked teams losing to non ranked teams (even in a stacked conference) looks bad.
If Washington loses, Oregon has no ranked opponents left on its remaining schedule (as it stands currently, the Utes may join the top-25). I’m just not seeing a way that Oregon moves up 15 places without playing a ranked team, I think we revisit the Big X/Big XII issue where they have teams that are good, but not highly enough ranked for a CFP game.
Oregon is ranked #17 at the moment but have no remaining ranked teams (perhaps the Utes) on it’s schedule. I have trouble finding a scenario where the win over Washington (and Utah) would move them into the top teams.
The other contender that would be left would be Colorado sitting at #19 and I think arguably they have a better chance at moving up the polls if they win out. Colorado will play Washington next week and they could still be ranked and the Buffs will still play the Utes. Those are the two remaining (or potential) ranked teams. I can see Colorado making the top-10, but I think even if they win out the committee won’t give them enough credit to get into the CFP. And there’s also the PAC-12 parity issue for Colorado, they would have to win out and they’ve played among the fewest conference games.
To conclude, a lot is riding on this game. By far the easiest path to the CFP for the PAC-12 especially since Washington will play the #19 Buffaloes next week. Wins in both of those and they have a have a very good likelihood of moving up into the two few. If they win out (including the conference championship game) I don’t how how you could leave them out. A one loss team (whose opponent was in the top-10) from a major conference just seems impossible to exclude to me.

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