League One Game of the Week – Portsmouth vs. Fleetwood Town

Today’s League One game of the week is between 1st-placed Portsmouth and 8th-placed Fleetwood Town, it figures to be a good matchup between two of the top teams in League One. The game will be played at Portsmouth’s Fratton Park.

Fleetwood Town is plagued by the injury bug and comes into the game with 5 players expected to miss the game: Conor McAleny (AM L), Dean Marney (MC), Tommy Spurr (D), Bobby Grant (MC), and James Husband (D/M L). Portsmouth have only two players expected to miss the match in Andre Green (AM L) and David Wheeler (ST).

Portsmouth comes into this match with a rather strange statistic — they are substantially better on the road than they are at home. They’ve played 7 matches on the road, and they’ve won 6 of the 7 and drew the other against 6th-placed Doncaster, meaning they are at a ~85% win rate. In their 6 home matches they have 3 wins, 2 draws (to the 17th- and 18th-placed teams), and a loss (to the 19th-placed team) meaning that their home win percentage is only 50%. One of the the strangest parts of that record is that they actually score more goals at home 1.83/game (1.71 away) and they concede 1/game at home (and .7/game away), though this could be related to a more defensive approach away from home.
Fleetwood Town, surprisingly enough, has shared the same tendency to perform better away from home. In 6 games away, they have 3 wins, 2 draws (to the 6th- and 11th-placed teams), and a loss (to the 9th placed team) for a 50% win percentage. In their 7 home games they have 2 wins, 3 draws (6th- 16th- 18th-placed), and 2 losses (to the 3rd- and 20th-placed teams) for a 29% home win percentage. Fleetwood Town is averaging 2 goals/game scored and conceding .33 goals/game when away from home, which is a stark contrast to the 1.3/game they score at home versus the 1.4/game they conceded.

This game brings Fleetwood town’s strength this season (playing away from home) against Portsmouth who has been fallible at home. Fleetwood’s last away game they 4 four goals past Doncaster (4th-place) while keeping a clean sheet so they are coming into this match in fantastic form. Portsmouth on the other hand comes into this match off of a 2-0 defeat in their last home outing against Gillingham (19th-place).

I expect this to be a very entertaining match and it should have a reasonable impact on how the teams fare going forward! Look for our next edition!

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