Premier League – Week 10 Power Rankings

Note: You didn’t miss a week. I’ve changed the week number to reflect the week of the upcoming weekend instead of the prior one, if only because this is typically published on Thursday, and because it was starting to confuse me. I’ve also gone back and changed the prior entries in this series so that there is less confusion.

Week 9 is in the books, and we have one less winless team in the Premier League, with Cardiff City finally finding the winning column (much to my personal chagrin). But most of the movement in this week’s Power Rankings is at the bottom, with the bad teams remaining bad – Cardiff’s win was only against last week’s #16 team, after all – and the top five remaining unchanged for yet another week.

As a reminder, these Power Rankings are only for matches played in the league, though playing games elsewhere – like our six clubs with Champions/Europa League matches this week – might impact the rankings due to tired legs in the second match of the week.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Results as of matches played through 22 October 2018

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Manchester City7-2-011
5Tottenham Hotspur7-0-255
8AFC Bournemouth5-2-271↓6
9Wolverhampton Wanderers4-3-263↓9
10Brighton & Hove Albion3-2-4122↑12
11Manchester United4-2-31110
12Leicester City4-0-5122↓11
13West Ham United2-1-61314
15Cardiff City1-2-6205↑17
17Crystal Palace2-1-6152↓15
19Newcastle United0-2-7172↓20
20Huddersfield Town0-3-6182↓19

Huddersfield Town, despite being a point up on Newcastle United in the league table, is our bottom team yet again. After the four-goal outburst by Cardiff City, the Terriers are now the worst-scoring club in the Premier League, with only four goals across nine matches. They are also tied with Fulham for worst goal different (-14), so it’s not only the offensive side of the ball that is struggling. I really don’t see any chance of them escaping relegation at this point, as I expect the 17th-place club to need about 36 points on the season to escape relegation, and three points after 9 matches puts the Terriers on pace for about 13 on the season. While I don’t expect them to do that poorly when all is said and done, they (along with Newcastle United) may challenge Aston Villa’s 17 points during the 2015-2016 as low output this decade.

Manchester United stays put again this week despite a draw against a higher-ranked Chelsea club, but a weekend match at home against Everton may finally be the thing that they need to move into a spot more inline with their legacy of success in league play. However, they already lost a match this week in Champions League – albeit to Group H leader Juventus – so things could get dicey for José Mourinho at Old Trafford should they stumble in yet another home match.

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