Weekend Preview on Thursday (Week 10) Part 2

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.

Leicester City v. West Ham United

Location: King Power Stadium, Leicester

Leicester are home favorites over a Jekyll and Hyde West Ham side. Goal projections have this one at under 3.

Leicester City hold a solid mid-table position in 11th-place. They’ve been scoring at a reasonable rate — 1.7 goals scored/game while conceding at the same rate, 1.7 concessions/game. They’ve been a little better at home scoring 1.75 goals/game while allowing 1.25 concessions/game.

West Ham United have made a reasonable recovery to lay claim to 14th-place despite a rather pedestrian start to the season. Across the season they’ve managed 0.9 goals scored/game while allowing 1.33 concessions/game. At home they’ve not been markedly better scoring 1 goal/game and conceding 2.25 goals/game.

Burnley v. Chelsea
Location: Turf Moor
Chelsea are sizable favorites despite being at Turf Moor. Current goal projections are for 3 goals, all of which are expected to be scored by Chelsea.

Burnley FC have had a rather mixed bag so far this season resting at 13th-place. Burnley had managed 1.1 goals scored/game while averaging 1.9 goals conceded/game. At home, they’ve scored 1.5 goals/game while allowing 1.5 concessions /game.

Chelsea have been in great form this season (with perhaps the exclusion of barely hanging on against Manchester United), so much so that they garnered our attention and recent writings to the tune of 3rd-place. On the season they’ve scored 2.2 goals scored/game while conceding only a phenomenal 0.8 goals/game. And although most teams we’ve briefed today have struggled away, Chelsea have managed 2 goals scored/game and have conceded an even more ridiculous 0.25 goals/game.

Crystal Palace v. Arsenal

Location: Selhurst Park

Visiting Arsenal are favorites over a goal shy Crystal Palace. Current goal projections are at 3.

Crystal Palace, ranked 15th, hasn’t made the best of a number of situations, however it’s not their concessions causing them problem as they are actually one of the better teams (goal concession average) at 1.2 goals allowed/game. They’ve had issues finding the back of the net, averaging a mere 0.6 goals scored/game. At home they’ve been particularly atrocious having failed to register a goal at home and conceding 1.2 goals against/game.

Arsenal had a bit of a bumpy start to the season but have rebounded well under Unai Emery with a 3-way tie on 21 points by which Arsenal holds 4th-place (on goal differential). Arsenal are averaging 2.4 goals scored/game and 1.2 goals conceded/game — scarily enough though are their away numbers. They are averaging 3 goals scored/game in addition to conceding just under 2 goals/game.

Manchester United v. Everton

Location: Old Trafford, Manchester

Manchester United continue to be heavily favored at home against Everton. Scoring is expected to be under 3.

Manchester United enter this match as the 10th-ranked team after narrowly missing out after a stoppage time goal had them settle for a point against Chelsea (which would have had them rise to 7th). Even in spite of their poor record they are averaging 1.7 goals scored/game and conceding 1.8 goals per game. At Old Trafford they average 1.5 goals scored/game and 1.75 concessions/game. Both of these concession numbers are somewhat misleading due to some sizable losses (West Ham & Tottenham).

Everton currently sit in 8th-place as they began the season in a rich vein of form, followed by a valley, and a recent rise again. They are averaging 1.7 goals scored/game while conceding 1.3 goals/game. On the road this Everton side is only averaging 1.25 goals scored/game and conceding 1.75 goals/game.

Tottenham Hotspurs v. Manchester City

Location: Wembley Stadium

Manchester City are sizable favorites over Tottenham at Wembley. Goal projections are at 3 for this matchup.

Tottenham are tied for 3rd on points, although their goal differential moves them down to 5th-place. Tottenham averages 1.8 goals scored/game and allow an average of only 0.8 concessions/game. At Wembley, they are averaging a solid 2 goals scored/game and they are conceding an average of 1 goal/game.

Manchester City are tied for 1st on points and get some possession of 1st based on their ridiculous +23 goal differential. Manchester City are averaging 2.9 goals/game while conceding at a rate of only 0.3 goals allowed/game. On the road, they average 2 goals/game and allow 0.25 concessions/game.

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

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