Friday Night Spotlight: Wyoming v. Colorado State

Tonight’s game involves two teams from the Mountain West Conference’s Mountain Division. Although it’s only mid-season, this might be the beginning of their fight to get bowl eligible. The Mountain West went 3-3 in last years bowl season, and 1 of those wins came from Wyoming and 1 loss came from Colorado State.

Originally this matchup was expected to be a very close win with Colorado State (playing at home) coming out on top. Recent movement though, seems to indicate that Vegas is less confident in the Rams ability to pull this one out, and the favored team for the game has actually shifted to Wyoming. This matchup is expected to have a fair amount of scoring with the games total expected to be about 50 points.

Wyoming comes in 2-6 overall and 0-4 in conference play. Wyoming is right in the middle in offensive statistics averaging 138.3 passing yards per game and 150.1 rushing yards per game. Wyoming has had limited offensive production over the season, averaging only 15.5 points per game, while giving up 25.5. Though, it’s also important to state that they gave up 40 point games to now-14th ranked Washington State, so that total is probably somewhat inflated. Interestingly though, against those same opponents their offensive production was higher than their season average.

Colorado State comes in 3-5 overall with 2-2 in conference play. The Rams have been prolific in their passing game reaching 14th in the nation with 307.5 yards/game through the air. Their ground game is middle of the road however at 113.8 yards/game. Colorado State’s offense has been more successful than Wyoming’s and has been averaging about 25 points per game but conceding 37.8 points per game. Colorado State’s points allowed number is probably elevated due to their non-conference schedule but they also gave up 40 point games to conference foes Hawaii, San Jose St., and Boise State. As a result, I’m more inclined to believe this is a far more accurate representation. Ironically, their two highest scoring games were both against SEC teams and their offensive production has stagnated substantially since entering conference play.

Overall, this should be an entertaining football game to start off your weekend. I expect scores for both sides in at least the 20s and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some special team points. I think both teams are better than their records indicate due to playing a bunch of non-conference games against power 5 opponents.

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Last Updated: October 26, 2018

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