Weekend Preview on Thursday (Week 11) Part 2

Disclaimer: This series is examining the games days prior to matchday, there is always the possibility for injuries, coach selections, etc. They may be updated to reflect most accurate starting lineup.

Arsenal v. Liverpool

Location: Emirates Stadium

Liverpool are favored to win, although the margin suggests all three outcomes are in play. This one is expected to have at least 3 goals scored.

Arsenal are chasing their 8th straight win under Unai Emery, although this is the hardest match they’ve faced during that stretch. This side has a lot of talent and could be very scary if they continue to realize their potential. Arsenal (home) is averaging 2 goals scored/game and conceding 1 goal/game.

Liverpool have drawn only two games, against Chelsea and Manchester City. Otherwise they’ve only recorded wins so far on the season. Although they were unable to keep a clean sheet (and lost my DFS contest for me) I expect Liverpool to try to create some separation by winning this match. Liverpool (away) is averaging 1.6 goals scored/game and 0.6 goals conceded/game.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v. Tottenham Hotspurs

Location: Molineux

Tottenham are favorites to win this match as the visitor. Current goal predictions suggest that about 3 goals will be scored.

Wolves are right in the middle of the pack in the 10th position. Considering they are newly promoted — I think this has to be considered a win. Obviously there’s a lot more to go, but they’ve got a solid start. Wolves (home) are averaging 1.2 goals scored/game and conceding 1 goal/game.

Tottenham is definitely still in the race for the title, they are a few (5) points off the lead but there’s so much of the season left to go. I think this game helps Tottenham get a little closer to the top of the pack. Tottenham (away) is averaging 1.8 goals scored/game and are conceding 0.67 goals/game.

Manchester City v. Southampton

Location: Etihad, Manchester

Manchester City are massive favorites at home. Goal projections are for City to score at least 4, and Southampton aren’t expected to score.

Manchester City have not only been dominant but ruthless. And they have had a good chunk of this form with Kevin de Bruyne out injured. I have to think this form continues for at least a while. Manchester City (home) are averaging 3 goals scored/game and are conceding only 0.4 goals/game.

Southampton are safe (for now) but will definitely need to do more to confirm their stay in the Premier League. I think it would be a solid candidate for upset of the year if the Saints were able to upset City this weekend. Southampton (home) are averaging only 0.6 goals scored/game and are conceding 1.4 goals/game.

Chelsea v. Crystal Palace

Location: Stamford Bridge

Chelsea are huge favorites at home against Crystal Palace. They are expected to score 4 goals against Crystal Palace.

Chelsea are unbeaten across the entire season so far and are with the pack at the top. Chelsea will look to capitalize on Palace’s poor goal scoring record and less than ideal form. Chelsea (home) is averaging 2.4 goals scored/game and conceding 1.2 goals/game.
Crystal Palace are coming off a midweek loss to Middlesbrough, which we hinted at being a real possibility (here). Palace was unable to get anything past Middlesbrough and suffered a 1-0 defeat. I definitely think Palace is underperforming but in this league you’re going to need to score goals, which they haven’t been able to find. Crystal Palace (away) is averaging 1 goal scored/game and 1.2 concessions/game.

Huddersfield Town v. Fulham

Location: John Smith’s Stadium

Huddersfield are actually favored in this matchup. It’s expected to be right around a 3-goal affair.

Huddersfield has an atrocious goal scoring record (4) in ten games. Couple that with giving up 21 goals conceded, there’s not much else to write here (this game script kind of writes itself). Not expecting a win for the Terriers. Huddersfield (home) is averaging 0.8 goals scored/game and are conceding 2.8 goals/game.

Fulham come into this match nearly tripling the amount of goals scored by the Terriers. Overall, I think Fulham will win this game, but I don’t think it will be a stunner by any means. I’d stick my neck out — maybe 1-0 Fulham. Fulham (away) averages 1 goal scored/game and 3 concessions/game.

Last Updated: November 1, 2018

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