Monday Musings – “Football Leaks” and a geyser of gluttony…

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Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton 1887

FIFA had been the subject of numerous inquests — most recently involving Sepp Blatter and a multitude of additional staffers. In 2015, Swiss authorities arrested 7 and US authorities arrested 39 more after bribes were found for marketing deals, World Cup placements, and other major actions. In light of these arrests and prosecutions FIFA made wholesale changes and promises of transparency and fairness… but it turns out that lasted but a few months…

Several high-profile clubs were reportedly able to ignore gross violations of financial fair play rules. Smaller clubs that violated these tenets were banned from continental competition. Turns out that if you’re rich enough, the rules don’t apply. Gianni Infantino is supposedly responsible for allowing (and even hindering the investigations of FIFA) gross abuses for Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

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EFL Championship – Week 13 Power Rankings

Quite a week in the Championship. A lot of the clubs towards the bottom of last week’s Power Rankings knocked off clubs near the top or middle, causing some major shuffling in the rankings this week. Only two clubs remained in the same place from last week, one of which is perpetual bottom dweller Ipswich Town. We also have a new club in as the top club, marking our sixth different club that has held the top ranking this season.

As always, the placement in our Power Rankings isn’t specifically based on table position, but is instead a combination of factors, including recent streaks. I also don’t punish a team to dramatically if they just lost a match, even to a much lower ranked club, if they had strong performance in the weeks before or they were playing on the road (for example). I also only factor performance in league play, so as exciting as it was to see Middlesbrough defeat Crystal Palace in the Carabao Cup during the week, it didn’t help them (directly) in these rankings.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 4 November 2018

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