NFL Week 12 Preview

In these weekly previews, I’ll highlight the results that I found shocking from the previous week, as well as preview the game I am most looking forward to from the weekend ahead. As we get later into the season, I may add some other sections to this, including playoff positioning and a look forward to the upcoming draft. 

The Top Game From Week 11

There is only one games worth talking about from last week, and it was the one that closed out play last week:

Los Angeles Rams 54 – Kansas City Chiefs 51
It’s a good thing that these clubs both have byes this week as they probably need the rest. Had this game been played at elevation in Mexico City, I doubt the teams would’ve combined for 105 points. Or that the quarterbacks would have ended the game nine yards short of 900 yards between the two of them, or 10 touchdowns. In the end, the Rams defense prevailed (which is weird to say in a game where they gave up 51 points!), picking off Patrick Mahomes for the third time on a desperate heave in an attempt to get into field goal range.

Some of the individual numbers from this game are insane:

  • Patrick Mahomes – 33/46, 478 yards, 6 TD/3 INT
  • Tyreek Hill (Chiefs) – 10 catches for 215 yards and 2 TDs
  • Travis Kelce (Chiefs) – 10 catches for 127 yards and 1 TD
  • Jared Goff (Rams) – 31/49, 413 yards, 4 TDs
  • Samson Ebukam (Rams LB) – 1 sack, 1 int, 2 TDs!

I was pleased for the results, if only because Hangin’ With Mahomies (my fantasy football team) needed a strong performance from their namesake, and he delivered:

But also, with people calling this a preview for the Super Bowl at the end of the season, I have a prediction for that game as well:

Either way, it was an amazing game and probably the best regular season game in NFL history!

Week 12 Game of the Week

Just like last week, there are a lot of divisional games this week that will have an impact on the playoff picture, including all three games on Thanksgiving. The best of the Turkey Day games is probably the middle one, in which the Dallas Cowboys hosts Washington. Should the Cowboys win, they will move into first place in the NFC East, while a Washington win will move them two games ahead of the Cowboys (and maybe the Eagles if they win).

But our Game of the Week will be played on Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. The winner will get a leg up on reaching the playoffs as a wild card, unless either can catch the Bears at the top of the division. The last time these teams met, it ended in a tie during Week 2 (remember when we thought every week would have a tie? That was fun!), and the Packers need to come out on top this week to keep pace with the Vikings, but I don’t have a lot of faith in the Packers this season, despite the presence of Aaron Rodgers. He can only do so much, and he doesn’t play defense the last time I checked. Were this game in the elements at Lambeau Field, I would probably give the Packers the edge, but I’m taking the Vikings on this one.

Prediction: Vikings 24 Packers 16

Playoff Picture

With each team having played at least eight games on the season, we’ll use the space to update the playoff picture each week. Here’s how it currently stands:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (West) – 9-2
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (North) – 7-2-1
3. New England Patriots (East) – 7-3
4. Houston Texans (South) – 7-3
5. Los Angeles Chargers (WC #1) – 7-3
6. Baltimore Ravens (WC #2) – 5-5
Next three teams: Cincinnati Bengals (5-5), Miami Dolphins (5-5) & Tennessee Titans (5-5)

1. Los Angeles Rams (West) – 10-1
2. New Orleans Saints (South) – 9-1
3. Chicago Bears (North) – 7-3
4. Washington (East) – 6-4
5. Carolina Panthers (WC #1) – 6-4
6. Minnesota Vikings (WC #2) – 5-4-1
Next two teams: Dallas Cowboys (5-5) & Seattle Seahawks (5-5)

Week 12 Bye Teams

It’s the final bye week of the season, so I hope you are matching up against a team that has a bunch of offensive players from both of these teams:

Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams

Until next time…


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