EFL Championship – Week 15 Power Rankings

Week 14 in the Championship is in the books, and it went pretty much as expected. As such, the top six clubs remain in place from last week’s Power Rankings, and no team moved more than three spots up or down the rankings.

We are entering another week where the Championship will see each club play twice, so expect some movement in next week’s rankings, but for now, let’s take a look at how the clubs below the top six moved around this week. As always, these rankings are only based on the performance in league play.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 25 November 2018

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Norwich City11-3-411
3West Bromwich Albion9-4-534
4Leeds United9-6-343
5Nottingham Forest7-9-257
6Sheffield United9-4-565
7Aston Villa7-6-592↑8
8Derby County9-4-582↑6
9Swansea City7-5-672↓10
10Queens Park Rangers8-3-7122↑9
11Blackburn Rovers6-8-483↓11
12Birmingham City5-9-4111↓12
13Preston North End5-6-7152↑16
14Stoke City5-8-51413
16Rotherham United4-7-7171↑19
17Wigan Athletic6-3-9181↑17
18Bristol City6-4-8162↓14
20Sheffield Wednesday5-5-8191↓18
22Bolton Wanderers4-5-9231↑22
23Hull City4-4-10203↓23
24Ipswich Town1-8-92424

Beyond the Rankings

There were two clubs that moved three spots, and they were both in a negative direction.

The Blackburn Rovers lost a 4-1 match on the road to Preston North End, a club that entered the season with high expectations – we had them in the seven spot in our Preseason Power Rankings, for example – but have spent the past 10 weeks in the bottom half of our rankings. Nevertheless, the Rovers are still exceeding most expectations of them on the season and should be able to straighten it out.

The other club that fell three spots was Hull City, who became the first Championship club to lose ten matches on the season and fall to 23rd in the league table (and our rankings). They did so after dropping a home match to Nottingham Forest 2-nil, and stand alone as the only club with 16 points. They have never been higher than 18th in our Power Rankings (or 16th in the league table), so they have some work to do if they hope to match their 18th-place finish from last season.

The Streakers

With the rest of the moves being relatively minor, I thought I’d cover some of the current streaks happening in the league in this section:

  • Norwich City, who has been our #1 club for three straight weeks, has won six matches in a row, with a goal differential of +11.
  • Middlesbrough has their own six game streak going, though it is only an unbeaten streak, going 3-3-0 since their last loss.
  • Preston North End has also not lost in quite some time, with an eight game unbeaten streak (4-4-0), a streak that started right after a four game losing streak.
  • Rotherham United has a six match unbeaten streak (1-5-0) (h/t to reddit user dipdipderp), while Stoke City has a five match unbeaten streak, going 1-4-0 during that time
  • Wigan Athletic snapped a four match losing streak with this week’s draw, so they haven’t won since 20 October against West Bromwich Albion
  • Sheffield Wednesday extended their own winless streak to six matches, and is now winless since 7 October (0-1-5); so much for being a Dark Horse
  • Bolton Wanderers are winless in eight (0-2-6) and Ipswich Town are winless in six since their lone victory on the season (0-2-4)

Until next time…

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