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With the New Year upon us, we felt like it would be appropriate to share the top articles read by you, our readers, during 2018.

We started this little enterprise back in July to write about the Premier League, and have since expanded our coverage over the past few months to include the EFL Championship, UEFA Champions League, NCAA football, some MLS coverage, and some writing about the NFL and NBA (which nobody seems to read).

As we enter 2019, we intend to keep focus on European football, but will also be offering in-depth coverage of the Asian Champions League, Women’s World Cup 2019, March Madness, and a bunch of other things that we can find time for. We appreciate every reader and social media interaction that we’ve had over the past 5+ months and look forward to more of the same in 2019 and beyond.

Without further ado, here, in reverse chronological order, are our most read articles from 2018:

Honorable Mentions:

Home page / Archives – This is technically our most viewed page on our site, as is to be expected, and if you find yourself there, feel free to dig in to some of our writing from you favorite sport or about your favorite team. If you’re finding it hard to find what you’re looking for, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Dark Horse Chronicles – Borussia Mönchengladbach – Chris writes this “weekly” series (and he’ll get back to it soon now that college football is nearly over) about teams that have surprised based on expectations or prior performance. Mostly about English teams, this article about his favorite Bundesliga club is actually the best performing in the series, so feel free to use that one as a jumping off point for the others.

Small Club of the Week – Atherstone Town FC – This is one that I (Robert) write “weekly” as well (same caveat as above) about small clubs – mostly from the lower tiers of English football – that have had surprising results in cup competitions or have an interesting story to tell. Atherstone Town is one of a dozen or so clubs that I’ve covered in the series, so it’s as good a place as any to start the series. (It was also one of our first posts to go “viral” among the followers of that club and non-league football fans.

Most-Read Articles:

#10 – The Future of Professional Soccer in America (Robert, 10/24/18) – This article addressed the rumors of a future merger between the United States’ Major League Soccer and Mexico’s Liga MX and if club soccer in North America would ever compete with European leagues for top talent. This was the first post in what is/was going to be a series, which should resume soon.

#9 – UEFA Champions League – Tottenham Hotspur v Inter Milan (Chris, 11/28/18) – This article is one of three articles about specific Champions League matches from the Group Stage, showing that even on our site, people from all over the world love Champions League. And this was just for a Matchday 5 match during the group stage!

#8 – Champions League Group C – Napoli v Liverpool (Chris, 12/11/18) – Another Champions League match post, this was about the Matchday 6 “win-and-advance” match between the clubs, a match which Liverpool won 1-0 to secure their spot in the knockout stage of the tournament.

#7 – EFL Championship – Week 11 Power Rankings (Robert, 10/22/18)
#6 – EFL Championship – Week 12 Power Rankings (Robert, 10/29/18)

I’ll group these two together because they are pretty much the exact same thing, just a week apart. I write weekly Power Rankings for both the Premier League and the Championship, with the Championship rankings consistently doing much better, mostly thanks to the Championship fans over at r/championship on Reddit. If you are a little tired of the same five or six clubs dominating the Premier League every year, why not check out the Championship? What they might lack in big names and fancy stadiums, the second tier of English football makes up by having a competitive league from top to about half-way down the table. Though I started this whole thing looking for a Premier League club (go Cherries!), I’ve really found an appreciation for the Championship along the way.

#5 – 2018 Utah v Washington Pac-12 Championship (Chris, 11/30/18)
#4 – The PAC-12 South Playoff Scenarios (Chris, 11/16/18)

Two more “companion” pieces are next, and they were our most read articles about NCAA football this season. Chris has done an excellent job with coverage of his alma mater in football this season, and though they ended up disappointing in the end – six turnovers versus Northwestern in the Holiday Bowl?!?! – the Utes have been a big driver of readers on this site. (Personal plug: read my take about the BYU/Utah game that is less about the game and more about the fandom).

#3 – Monday Musings – MLS Playoff Picture (Chris, 10/22/18) – Another “weekly” series from Chris (seriously, he’ll get back on it), he finds a “big picture” topic in sports (mostly soccer) and muses about it weekly. This one performed well because it covered all the various playoff scenarios in MLS as the season came to an end, and has encouraged us to find more stories in MLS once the league returns this spring.

#2 – Promotion & Relegation Watch – Championship – Version 2 (Robert, 10/12/18) – Like a lot of my other writing on the Championship, this one blew up a bit thanks to the kind folks on Reddit (where we have our own subreddit), but it was our first post to go really crazy and justify all the time and effort we’ve spent writing on the site. It took a look at the Championship standings after 12 matches to see who was in line for promotion to the Premier League and relegation to League One at the end of the season.

#1 – UEFA Champions League – PSG v Liverpool (Chris, 11/28/18) – This Matchday 5 match from Champions League, which ultimately didn’t prevent either club from advancing to the knockout stage – though it helped PSG win the group – showed the true reach of the Champions League from our little site. Readers from 64 different countries found our site the day this article was published, proving that we do indeed have global reach (though nearly 75% of our readership is from the USA and United Kingdom).

If not for the top four articles on this list, I don’t know if it would be feasible for us to keep grinding away at it. Nevertheless, the past two months have been amazing for our site and we are glad that our readers continue to come back and find our content interesting enough to do so.

Who knows what the future holds, but we hope you continue to join us through the following year and beyond. Hope you all have a wonderful 2019 and that your favorite sport team finds success!

Until next time…

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