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ABCs of the Premier League: Games & More!

ABCs of the Premier League:

Covering everything from games in a season to the teams contesting this year, and more!

Assistive Technology: Goal Line technology, which will determine in the entirety of the ball has crosses the goal line.

Bournemouth: Home city of one of the biggest underdogs of the season, AFC Bournemouth (with 1000/1 odds), who sit comfortably in the middle of the table.

Clubs/Teams: 20 Premier League Clubs generally based in England (though there are a few exceptions like Cardiff City who are from Wales.

Derby: What rivalry games are routinely referred to as in English Soccer (or Football).

English Premier League: The highest level of competition in England, and one of top few in the world. Spearheads the 11 officially recognized tiers in England, although in total there are many, many more, culminating in an expected 5,000 or more clubs through the country.

Ferguson: The surname of one of the best all-time managers of all-time, Sir Alex Ferguson. Led Manchester United for nearly 27 years, leading them to 13 Premier League Titles.

Goodison Park: The home of Everton, one of two teams based in Liverpool, the other being, well, Liverpool.

Highest Paid Players: 

        1. Alexis Sanchez, £315,000/week
        1. Mesut Özil, £306,250/week
        1. Paul Pogba, £290,000/week
        1. Kevin De Bruyne, £280,000/week
      1. Romelu Lukaku, £250,000/week

Internationals: 165 senior international players are on Premier League teams with varying degrees of density and countries represented. One of the most diverse teams by country is Newcastle, who have 8 current internationals, representing 8 different countries. Together they account for more than 5,929 senior national team appearances.

Jagielka: Phil Jagielka, one of the oldest players used in the Premier League (made 2 appearances this campaign). He started as a central midfielder for Sheffield United (in the Championship) before moving to defense at Everton. He also was a member of the English National Team.

Kepa Arrizabalaga: Most expensive goalkeeper ever whom Chelsea paid £72.00m for this season, in the single largest transfer outlay this season.

London: Not only the capital and largest city, but also the single-largest concentration of Premier League sides including Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United.

Manchester: The home of two traditional powerhouses in the Premier League, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Number of games in a season: 38, one at home and one away against every side.

Offsides: When an offensive player is in a more advanced position than the final defender (excluding the goalkeeper) at the moment the ball is played.

Players: 10 outfield players, 1 goalie determined however the manager would like (including the formation).

Qualifications: The top four teams will play in the group stage of next season’s UEFA Champions League.The fifth-placed team automatically qualifies to the group stage of the Europa League.

Relegation Favorites: Huddersfield Town, who are struggling mightily after securing only 10 points through 21 games.

Silver Foxes: Watford, Burnley, and Brighton & Hove Albion have some of the highest average age lineups in the Premier League.

Three Worst Teams: Relegated to the Sky Bet Championship.

Union of European Football Association: Better known by its acronym, UEFA, it is the governing body of all soccer in Europe (and Russia). Most widely known for the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.

Video Assistant Review (VAR): is said to be coming to the Premier League in the 2019-2020 season. It will give the opportunity to overturn “clear and obvious errors” made by  the referee in the run of play.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: One of the biggest surprises of the Premier League after being promoted automatically through winning the Sky Bet Championship.

X: The way draw is a annotated in form logs. A draw is worth one point as opposed to three for a victory. Still more than the zero you get for a loss!

Young Guns: Everton, Fulham, Southampton, and Leicester City have the opposite end of the spectrum from the Silver Foxes in the league.

Zero: chance that you’ll want to miss anything else we have to offer!

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