AFC Champions League – Al-Wehdat v. Kuwait SC

AFC Champions League – Al-Wehdat v. Kuwait SC


Al-Wehdat was founded in 1952 in a Palestinian refugee camp of the same name in Jordan. The 2000s have been some of the best years in the history of the club with 9 first division league titles in that span. Prior to the 2000s, they have a total of 7 first division titles. They also have 32 Jordan Cup trophies to their name to accompany their other successes.

Al-Wehdat have started the domestic campaign off well, currently sitting in 5th place (out of 12). They are mid table (6th) in home form securing 11 of 15 points on offer at home. Even though they are ranked in the top-3 in away form, they’ve only managed 9 points out 18 available. Al-Wehdat will likely be very happy that this match is being played at their home (and the Jordanian national team’s), King Abdullah II Stadium.

Al-Wehdat have made the 10 straight appearances in at least the group stages of the AFC Cup (2006-2017). They haven’t managed to make it past the Playoff Round of the Qualifying stages so far in their latest 3 AFC Champions League appearances (2015, 2016, and 2017). At home, Al-Wehdat is averaging a ridiculous 0.2 goals conceded per game, although they are only averaging 1 goal scored per game.

Kuwait SC

Like their opponents, Kuwait SC has experienced great success in the 2000s with 8 of their 14 first division League wins coming in that span. In addition to their wins, they’ve had an additional 6 (of their 12 second place finishes) seasons where they’ve finished as runners up. They’ve amassed 30 Cup wins across various current and defunct Kuwaiti tournaments, with an additional 23 second place finishes.

Kuwait SC had a tenuous hold on first place in their domestic season with a four point gap. They have secured 27 of 33 (~82%) of the possible points and all 6 points lost game away from home. Their away form is less impressive, good enough only for 5th out of the 10 teams, having won only 9 of 15 possible.

Given their current away form, Kuwait SC will definitely feel they’ve got the harder draw for this matchup. Kuwait SC has still been decent on the road averaging 2 goals per game and conceding just over 1 goal per game. They scored 8 of their twelve goals in two games, leaving four for the remaining three. They’ve been rather up and down away from home, this matchup might come down to which away side shows up, the 5-0 victors or the 1-1 draw.

What to expect

Neither team had shown themselves to be particularly consistent scores beyond 1 goal per game. This game is going to be pretty defensively focused I think, which may favor the home team by virtue of their 0.2 goals conceded per game.

Last Updated: February 3, 2019

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