Premier League – Week 23 Power Rankings

Premier League clubs played twice last week, and with this week’s action kicking off later today, we’re releasing the update to our last batch of Power Rankings a day early. There’s a change at the top, some shuffling in the middle, and the bottom looks the same (per usual).

As always, these results try to reflect the week-to-week results, and only account for matches played in the Premier League. Most of the clubs are fairly closely aligned with their league table position, but losses to lower-ranked clubs – or wins against the higher-ranked ones – can move them dramatically out of position.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Results as of matches played through 4 February 2019

Rank Team Record Last Week Change Table Pos
1 Liverpool 19-5-1 2 1↑ 1
2 Manchester United 14-6-5 3 1↑ 5
3 Tottenham Hotspur 19-0-6 4 1↑ 3
4 Manchester City 19-2-4 1 3↓ 2
5 Arsenal 14-5-6 5 6
6 Chelsea 15-5-5 6 4
7 Wolverhampton Wanderers 11-5-9 10 3↑ 7
8 AFC Bournemouth 10-3-12 8 10
9 Everton 9-6-10 12 3↑ 9
10 Watford 9-5-9 7 3↓ 8
11 West Ham United 9-5-11 9 2↓ 12
12 Leicester City 9-5-11 11 1↓ 11
13 Burnley 6-6-13 13 17
14 Crystal Palace 7-5-13 15 1↑ 14
15 Newcastle United 6-6-13 17 2↑ 15
16 Southampton 5-9-11 16 16
17 Brighton & Hove Albion 7-6-12 14 3↓ 13
18 Cardiff City 6-4-15 18 18
19 Fulham 4-5-16 19 19
20 Huddersfield Town 2-5-18 20 20

Behind the Rankings

Streaking in the Right Direction…

The Ole Gunnar Solskjær streak continues for Manchester United, though the Red Devils did need two very late goals against Burnley to come away with a draw in their midweek matchup. Nevertheless, United hasn’t lost in the eight matches (7-1-0) since Solskjær came on as caretaker just before Christmas, and he get’s the chance to prove himself in European competition next week when Paris Saint-Germain comes to town for the first leg of their Champions League matchup.

Burnley has perhaps escaped noticed because their own six-match unbeaten streak (3-3-0) has still left them on the cusp of relegation.Those three victories didn’t exactly come against a murderer’s row of opponents – West Ham United, Huddersfield Town, and Fulham – but the aforementioned draw against Manchester United was definitely a pleasant surprise in a season that hasn’t really had that many.

Finally, Southampton is in the midst of their own five-match unbeaten streak, having not yet lost in 2019 (0-2-3). Those wins came against midtable clubs Leicester City and Evertonand the Saints are tied with Burnley and Newcastle United with 24 points (and two points clear of the relegation zone). With a match this weekend looming against Cardiff City, the Saints might find themselves even more clear of the bottom when all is said and done with this week’s action.

As Opposed to Finding Wins Difficult to Find

There have been points during the season where Brighton & Hove Albion has provided some surprising results: a Matchday 2 victory over Manchester United, an unbeaten October (3-0-0), a Boxing Day draw against Arsenal. But they have yet to find a victory since the calendar turned to 2019, with an 0-2-3 record since the new year began, including an ugly 4-2 loss to where they surrendered four second half goals. They are now all alone in 13th place in the league, as close to 12th place as they are to Cardiff City in the first relegation position.

A new manager hasn’t helped the Terriers of Huddersfield Town as of yet. Jan Siewert has lost both of the matches under his charge. But he took over a club that hadn’t won since Thanksgiving, and are currently in the midst of a 0-1-11 streak where they’ve scored only five goals… or the same amount that Chelsea scored against them on Saturday. Every match is a new low for the club, and with only 13 matches remaining, I’m beginning to wonder if they will have more goals scored or points this season as they stamp their ticket back to the Championship.

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