Premier League – Week 24 Power Rankings

When the Premier League resumes league play tomorrow, it will have been 11 days since the Wolverhampton Wanderers and Newcastle United drew at the conclusion of the last Premier League week. We didn’t update our rankings at the end of that week because we were busy trying to cover all the Champions League and Europa League matches, but we are back with a fresh set of rankings just in time for the return to action.

As always, these rankings try to only take into account the action that happens in league play, and relative placement is based on the caliber of the opponents from week-to-week and the results. If a lower club loses to a top club they aren’t punished as harshly, but the inverse may result in tumble down the rankings (if there’s room). And while the top half of the rankings nearly match the league table exactly, this won’t always be the case.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Results as of matches played through 11 February 2019

Rank Team Record Last Week Change Table Pos
1 Manchester City 21-2-4 4 3↑ 1
2 Liverpool 20-5-1 1 1↓ 2
3 Tottenham Hotspur 20-0-6 3 3
4 Manchester United 15-6-5 2 2↓ 4
5 Arsenal 15-5-6 5 5
6 Chelsea 15-5-6 6 6
7 Wolverhampton Wanderers 11-6-9 7 7
8 Watford 10-5-9 10 2↑ 8
9 AFC Bournemouth 10-3-13 8 1↓ 11
10 Everton 9-6-12 9 1↓ 9
11 West Ham United 9-6-11 11 10
12 Burnley 7-6-13 13 1↑ 15
13 Leicester City 9-5-12 12 1↓ 12
14 Crystal Palace 7-6-13 14 13
15 Newcastle United 6-7-13 15 16
16 Cardiff City 7-4-15 18 2↑ 17
17 Southampton 5-9-12 16 1↓ 18
18 Brighton & Hove Albion 7-6-13 17 1↓ 14
19 Fulham 4-5-17 19 19
20 Huddersfield Town 2-5-19 20 20

Behind the Rankings

Back to the Top!

Manchester City played twice during the last week of action, and they took full advantage, combining to win 8-0 over Everton and Chelsea (the 6-0 win over Chelsea was especially shocking). The six points earned moved the Champs back to the top of the table – at least based on point differential – as the tie Liverpool with 65 points. But with one extra match played, Liverpool has the advantage until that is resolved over the enxt few weeks.

Liverpool extended its unbeaten streak to five matches (3-2-0) in defeating AFC Bournemouth at Anfield, pushing the Cherries to the dreadful 3-0-10 away from Dean Court. The Cherries had high hopes early in the season – as did I – resting within striking distance of a Europa League spot at the end of October. However, eight straight losses on the road since has instead shifted the focus to simply finishing in the top 10.

Sliding Down the Rankings (and Table)

Two other clubs hoping for a mid-table finish have instead decide to head out of the top 12 after long winless streaks. The Foxes of Leicester City have struggled in 2019, with one win on New Year’s Day and a five-match winless streak since (0-1-4). Granted, the club is still reeling from the tragic loss of owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who perished in a helicopter crash leaving a match, so they can be excused slightly.

Brighton & Hove Albion have done one better, having not yet won since the calendar turned to 2019, joining only bottom-dweller Huddersfield Town (who hasn’t won since November) with that distinction. Nevertheless, the Seagulls shockingly remain alive in the FA Cup – mostly thanks to a draw featuring mostly Championship clubs – and could still find themselves in Europa League next season from a bottom half position in the league should the somehow win that tournament. But these rankings are about league performance, and the Seagulls just haven’t been coming through in that regard.

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