(UPDATED) Alliance of American Football Suspends Operations

Multiple reports have indicated that the Alliance of American Football is suspending football operations as early as today, though these has yet to be any confirmation from the league – and reports that some teams are still practicing today in preparation for the weekend.

We’ve reached out to our contacts on our local team – the Salt Lake Stallions – to receive clarification, but have yet to hear back. We’ll update this post should there be a formal announcement from the team or the league in the next few hours.

Update: While we have yet to hear back directly from the team or anyone that works for them, they posted the following statement to Twitter:

Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

The fledgling football league – which has averaged just over 15,000 fans per game through eight of ten weeks – was initially planned to be an independent feeder league for the NFL, but recent discussions to expand the relationship between the NFL Players’ Association and the NFL themselves appear to have hit a standstill. Tom Dundon, the owner of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes who joined the league early in the season when it seemed like they were failing, has apparently decided to shutter the league against the wishes of others involved, walking away with losses as large as $70 million dollars – but (potentially) a “fancy” app that could be used for gambling.

If the league is no more, we’ve enjoyed covering the league here at SportMuse and will be sad to see it go. It would have been nice to see the league at least make it to their championship game in four weeks, but apparently there just aren’t the resources to do it.

Johnny Manziel, the highest profile player in the league (who joined two weeks ago) had some thoughts on the situation:

This post has been updated to include the Salt Lake Stallions statement posted to Twitter.

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