The Alliance of American Football (AAF)

The Alliance of American Football

Welcome to SportMuse’s coverage of “The Alliance” also known as the Alliance of American Football (or the AAF). We’re so glad you’ve come to join us! We don’t want to waste any time, so we’ll get straight to what we have on offer.

UPDATE: With the suspension (and likely folding) of the Alliance of American Football, we will no longer be updating the stats or rosters for the clubs, and will likely not be publishing further content regarding the league. This page will remain active for the time being, however, as will the rest of our AAF coverage through Week 8 of their aborted inaugural season. We at SportMuse are sad to see the league come to an end.

This tweet seems to be the only official statement from the league, as their website is still hyping Week 8 action and offering tickets to games that won’t ever happen:

lol at the AAF.PNG

AAF Statistics (Standings, Passing, Rushing, and Receiving) are all available on our stats page.

We also have our weekly “Leaders” series underway, which takes a look at statistical leaders after the week’s games are complete:

Week 1 Leaders
Week 2 Leaders
Week 3 Leaders
Week 4 Leaders
Week 5 Leaders
Week 6 Leaders

We have also started to preview the four weekly games in a post that usually goes up on Friday:

Week 2 Preview
Week 3 Preview
Week 4 Preview
Week 5 Preview
Week 6 Preview
Week 7 Preview

And last but certainly not least we have some information about each of the 8 teams featured in the league!

Arizona Hotshots  |  Roster 

Atlanta Legends    |  Roster

Birmingham Iron   |  Roster

Memphis Express  |  Roster

Orlando Apollos    |  Roster

Salt Lake Stallions Roster

San Antonio Commanders  |  Roster

San Diego Fleet Roster

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