Dark Horse Chronicles – Atletico Madrid FC

This is part of a (mostly) weekly series for our dark horse chronicles, if you want to see some of the others I’ve written up you can check them out from our Dark Horse Chronicles category. After a bit of a hiatus, I am itching to get back to my weekly Dark Horse column — … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – Atletico Madrid FC

Dark Horse Chronicles – Manchester United

After a few weeks hiatus, I’ve brought back the Dark Horse Chronicles!

1st Dark Horse of the New Year: Manchester United

Manchester United started the year off in appalling form causing many to start “Jose Out” movements on social media and the real world. Despite a reasonable finish in the 2017-2018 season, this season hasn’t been anything close. It took less than half of a season to have shipped as many goals as they had in the entirety of the prior season. Some of the frustration was undoubtedly due to the near-constant injury problems, especially in central defense but United had been pretty poor throughout the season. That said, I thought that Luke Shaw has shown why he came to United in the first place, and he has been stellar when fit.

Although they came off of last season have been runner-up to an absolutely rampant Manchester City side as well as bringing home the Europa League trophy — this season has been totally different. They managed only 3 wins in the first 7 games, including losses to Brighton and West Ham which were serious shocks to the fanbase and losing to Tottenham which was far more likely in the fans minds. A string of wins in the midst of October and early November brought a little bit of hope back to the club — especially with Mourinho saying that they would be top four by the end of the year. Somehow, the team escaped the group stages in the UEFA Champions League and after a final run of winless games against lesser-opponents and a thrashing at Liverpool, Mourinho was relieved of duty.

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SportMuse Best of 2018

With the New Year upon us, we felt like it would be appropriate to share the top articles read by you, our readers, during 2018.

We started this little enterprise back in July to write about the Premier League, and have since expanded our coverage over the past few months to include the EFL Championship, UEFA Champions League, NCAA football, some MLS coverage, and some writing about the NFL and NBA (which nobody seems to read).

As we enter 2019, we intend to keep focus on European football, but will also be offering in-depth coverage of the Asian Champions League, Women’s World Cup 2019, March Madness, and a bunch of other things that we can find time for. We appreciate every reader and social media interaction that we’ve had over the past 5+ months and look forward to more of the same in 2019 and beyond.

Without further ado, here, in reverse chronological order, are our most read articles from 2018:

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Dark Horse Chronicles – Manchester City

The darkhorse for this week seems like a crazy name to include because of how they are performing so far in this season. As well as the fact that they ended last season as Champions. They set a new points record with 100 points in the Premier League, so how can they be a darkhorse? … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – Manchester City

Dark Horse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth

Darkhorse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth This weeks Darkhorse is an AFC Bournemouth team that has been flying a little under the radar this season and deserves to be covered. One of the other writers has been asking me not to write them up so I don’t change their fortunes. If you don’t know who I’m … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – AFC Bournemouth

Dark Horse Chronicles – Real Madrid

This weeks Darkhorse Chronicles features an unusual name. This club is almost never a Darkhorse in anything, but that is where we are right now. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid in his blockbuster trade this summer, discussion has been rampant about their chances. Although they have fallen out of the top of La … Read moreDark Horse Chronicles – Real Madrid