PAC 12 Power Rankings

Right now there are two PAC 12 teams featuring in the College Football Playoff rankings. We’ve got our PAC 12 power rankings up to date as the teams gear up for the end of the regular season. There’s a lot of discussions about which PAC 12 team will be in the best position for a CFP berth. Right now, it’s looking like the PAC 12 Conference could be on the outside looking into the College Football Playoffs unless Utah and Oregon win their remaining games and face off for the PAC 12 title. If that happens, the general consensus (and we agree) is that the winner would find themselves in the CFP and the loser would find themselves in the Rose Bowl.

Keep in mind that there’s not an exact science to PAC 12 Power Rankings and they are also subject to greater change each week. There is a big gap between the top and bottom teams this year.

One final caveat: if you want to see where a team actually is the standings check out the PAC 12 Conference page. These rankings are reflective of how each team is performing at this moment.

Without further ado…

PAC 12 Power Rankings

Week 12

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

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