Premier League – Week 6 Power Rankings

Week 5 of the Premier League is in the books, and with the clubs at the top of last year’s table prepare for their first matches in Champions League, there could be some interesting shifts at the end of action this weekend. Four teams stay put from last week’s rankings, with eight teams moving up and eight teams moving down.
We’ll be including the clubs’ actual table position from here on out, and you can see how they’ve started to align, and next week we will present our first look at current qualifiers for Championship/Europa, as well as those in the relegation spots. As always, these rankings only include league play during the week, but if something dramatic happens in the EFL Cup or Champions League, it might affect the teams’ performance elsewhere..
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

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Small Club of the Week – BSC Young Boys

Note: This weekly series will look for teams outside of the top flights of European football to find true underdog stories of clubs well below the radar. Clubs will be featured based on performance in the various tournaments that happen concurrently with the league seasons, or even strong runs in some of the leagues that dot the European football landscape. Chances are, these clubs will be years away from finding a home at the top flights of football – if they are ever able to get there – but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention from time to time. If you happen upon a team that you think might qualify, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @GuruEbby or @SportMuseNet!

Young Boys of Bern

Nickname: The Yellow-Blacks
Founded: 14 March 1898
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Team Colors: Yellow and Black
Ground: Stade de Suisse (since 2005)
Capacity: 31,783
Current League: Swiss Super League
Twitter: @BSC_YB

Reason For Notice

With the Champions League kicking off this week, I thought I would preview another long-shot club in the tournament, this time a club that has made the Champions League Group Stage for the first time in their history. Unlike previous entry in this series Red Star Belgrade, who had to play through multiple qualification rounds to reach the group stage, Young Boys entered the tournament during the playoff round, the last round before the Group Stage. They defeated Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia in that round, securing a berth in the Group Stage

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Dark Horse Chronicles – Celta Vigo

Normally our focus is on the English Premier League, but this week I felt a short flight across the channel into Spain (and La Liga) seemed reasonable. This week’s Darkhorse is Real Club Celta de Vigo (Celta Vigo), who started off +100,000 to win the league and are currently at 14/1 odds to finish top 4, are currently residing in 3rd place after dispatching Atlético Madrid 2-0 (yes – I’m aware that Atletico played a man down for 20’, but Celta Vigo were already up 2-0), who finished as runners up last year in the league. Yes, I know we’re only a few games in, but this series isn’t about projecting the winner, it’s about featuring a team that has the possibility of really mixing things up.
In the 2017-2018 season, Celta Vigo managed a 13th-place finish on 49 points (on tiebreakers being used for 11th-13th). They also finished with a -1 Goal Differential last season averaging basically a goal and a half scored and conceded each game. So far during this season they averaging almost 1.7 goals a game, and conceding .7 goals a game. If this continues they would project for a 65 goal season, while conceding only 27 goals on the season, which would place them in the top-5 for goals scored and 2nd for goals allowed behind only Atletico Madrid. So, long story short – they look like they are on track to do very well.
What’s caused the change?

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(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 7 Slate

The Championship will see each team playing two matches this week, and we’ll try to keep this updated throughout the week as games complete, and the number in parenthesis before each team in their current spot in the Weekly Power Rankings, and we’ll probably publish an updated Power Rankings after the midweek games are completed as well.

Home teams are listed first, and winners will be indicated in bold. In the event of a draw, both teams will be placed in italics. Only one match per team this week, with one match on Friday night and the remainder on Saturday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018
7:45pm BST/2:45pm EST
(10) Aston Villa 2-0 (14) Rotherham United
(7) Derby County 0-0 (16) Blackburn Rovers
(24) Ipswich Town 1-1 (2) Brentford
(1) Leeds United 3-0 (22) Preston North End
(12) Wigan Athletic 2-1 (18) Hull City
8:00pm BST/3:00pm EST
(20) Stoke City 1-0 (9) Swansea City
(6) West Bromwich Albion 4-2 (5) Bristol City **MATCH OF THE (MID-)WEEK**

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Fantasy Sports – Premier League Week 5 Recap

2018-2019 Fantasy Premier League, Week 5: Week 5’s score was not helped by neither Mendy nor Fredericks making the XI for their respective teams. But I guess for only having 9 players involved and a tight Liverpool/Tottenham game, it could have been worse. My faith in both King and Arnautovic was rewarded but overall still … Read moreFantasy Sports – Premier League Week 5 Recap

EFL Championship – Week 7 Power Rankings

It seemed that some of the teams this week wanted to remain on break, and results indicated as much. Lot’s of movement up and down in both these Power Rankings and the League Table. Only four teams stayed in the same position as last week, and half the clubs moving down an average of two spots. I am including the actual table position for the clubs as well, if only to see how my rankings have shifted to align with the club’s actual placement.
Note: Records presented as W-D-L

RankTeamRecordLast WeekChangeTable Pos
1Leeds United4-3-011
4Sheffield United4-0-331↓5
5Bristol City4-2-1127↑3
6West Bromwich Albion3-2-271↑8
7Derby County4-0-352↓7
8Bolton Wanderers3-2-262↓10
9Swansea City3-3-181↓6
10Aston Villa2-4-11012
11Sheffield Wednesday3-2-2119
12Wigan Athletic3-1-393↓11
13Norwich City2-2-3141↑16
14Rotherham United3-0-4173↑14
15Nottingham Forest1-5-1132↓15
16Blackburn Rovers2-4-1151↓19
17Queens Park Rangers2-1-4181↑18
18Hull City2-1-4213↑17
20Stoke City1-3-3182↓20
22Preston North End1-2-4166↓23
23Birmingham City0-5-2221↓21
24Ipswich Town0-3-4241↓24

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