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UEFA Champions League

The Premiere continental competition for Union of European Football Teams and the governing body of some of the most storied teams in Europe! For a lot teams it’s Champions League or bust, in part, due to the $2.32B in the prize payouts for the competition (2018-2019). That number includes club appearance money, wins, and prizes for final positions, but the minimum number received by each of the participating teams for the group stage is about $17.5M.

Premier League

The top-tier in the English Football Association (FA) and despite a recent drought of hardware for the English sides, the Premier League is widely believed to be one of the best soccer associations in the world. Though, of late they’ve been playing second-fiddle to the top teams in La Liga (FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid). Each of the clubs participating in the Premier League receive an equal share as a base payment, in the past this number has been around $43.2M. There are a number of ways to receive a higher share, including televised live matches, bonus payments based on final position, and a split share of the commercial revenue. The next awarded media deal (for 2020-2021 season) is expected to surpass $4B dollars.

Europa League

One step below the Champions League is the Europa League, which is home to each of the 3rd place teams in the Champions League group stages. Comparatively, the Europa League has a much lower prize pool, about $638M in prize payouts (2018-2019). The initial payout received for each team making the group stage is just shy of $2.5M.

EFL Championship

One level beneath the Premier League sits the EFL Championship which is home to 24-teams that are hoping to breach the divide between this and the top league. The league is partly subsidized from the massive media deal that supports all tiers of the English FA including player development.

Major League Soccer

The top-flight of the United States (and Canadian) system contains 24 teams based in both the United States and Canada. Make sure to check out our rosters, schedules, standings, and the playoff picture! We’re always adding new content so make sure to stay up to date!