Columbus Crew SC Roster

Columbus Crew SC Roster

All MLS teams are subject to the following roster rules which make up the 30 players eligible for game day selection:

  • 1-20 (“Senior Roster”): Subject to 2019 Salary Cap of $4.24M, however, the maximum salary impact for a player is $530k. Clubs are only required to have 18 players on this roster but are subject to a penalty for each player under the 18 requirement.
  • 21-24 (“Supplemental Roster”): Players are not subject to the salary cap; however, they must be Generation Adidas (GA), Homegrown (HG), or a senior minimum salary player.
  • 25-30 (“Reserve Roster”): All players on the reserve roster must be under-24 (determined by year of birth), and these players are also not subject to the salary cap. Slots 25-28 may either be reserve minimum salary players or Homegrown (HG) players; however, slots 29-30 are only able to be filled by Homegrown (HG) players.

[table id=columbus_roster /] Based on 2019 base salaries, some player’s salaries are not included (in the data from the MLSPA) but have a minimum of $67,500. New player salaries are based on the best available estimate and indicated as such. Definitions:

  • Homegrown Player: A player that was developed through an academy or Collegiate team that met specific criteria before college or signing a professional contract. Homegrown international players subject to regulation will not take up an international roster slot. For additional clarification, this article does a great job.
  • Generation Adidas (GA): Players that are signed to professional contracts prior to being drafted, generally these players are deemed to be professional caliber. In the past, the MLS has historically offered to cover costs of college attendance (because most GA players will waive collegiate eligibility at least in part to participate). Recently the GA program has been expanded to cover Canadian-eligible players, where it had primarily been for US-eligible players in the past.
  • International Player: There are a total of 192 International Player Roster spots among the 24 MLS teams. These slots can be traded in full season increments allowing teams to have more or less than their original eight spaces (note: there are additional caveats regarding Canadian players).
  • Designated Player: Designated players are not subject to a salary maximum (and only count the aforementioned $530k against the team’s salary cap). This rule is colloquially known as the “Beckham Rule” because it was used to bring David Beckham to the LA Galaxy. There is a sliding scale for salary cap impact based on the age of the signing, but the club is entirely responsible for the additional salary.

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