EFL Championship – Week 22 Slate

Championship Week 22 Fixtures/Results

This week’s Championship action sees a lot of matches between clubs with some room between them. Last time this happened, a lot of the lower-ranked clubs ended up prevailing, throwing our rankings into chaos. I would hope that this doesn’t happen again, but the Championship was been a strange beast all season.

Per usual, the number in parenthesis before each club is where they fell on our Week 22 Power Rankings. Home clubs are listed first, and will be hosting both matches on the week. We’ll keep this updated throughout the week, with winners indicated in bold, while matches that end in draws will have their clubs italicized.

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EFL Championship – Week 17 Power Rankings

After occupying five days last week, Week 16 in the Championship was a relatively succinct affair, with a single match on Friday and the rest of the slate played on Saturday.

The resulting action shuffled things up in the middle of our Power Rankings, with 14 clubs on the move from last week. Per usual, rankings here are determined based on recent action and not necessarily the season on the whole, which is why some clubs might be a few spots higher or lower than their spots on the league table.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 8 December 2018

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EFL Championship – Week 16 Power Rankings

With a draw on Monday night, Week 15 of the Championship came to a close, with all the clubs playing twice. As I anticipated last week, the double-barrelled action had a dramatic impact on the Power Rankings, with only four clubs staying put from last week.

Most clubs this week also had split results; only four clubs either won twice or lost twice, and no club drew twice. As always, these rankings are an attempt to get a pulse on the current state of each club, and don’t always match the club’s position in the league table.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 3 December 2018

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Dark Horse Chronicles – Birmingham City

This week’s Darkhorse Chronicles takes us back to the EFL Championship where we take a look at Birmingham City, a club that’s shown substantial improvement over last season. They finished last season in 19th place and so far they’ve made a substantial improvement this season where they reside in 10th.

Birmingham City’s last outing in the Premier League was in 2007-2008 although they were unable to stave off relegation. They were 1 point short of staying up, had they managed 1 more point it would have been Fulham sent down instead of them. Their goal difference was 6 better than Fulham, and stayed up on a 1-0 win over Portsmouth on the final Matchday.

If Birmingham are able to keep up this pace they’d finish with just over 66 points on the season, which would have had them in 11th place last season. This would be a nice change for the Blues, who have finish consecutive seasons in 19th place. This would also have them on pace for 57 goals and 49 concessions, finishing the season +8 on goal differential. If their end result is anywhere near our projections it’s a dramatic improvement. In 2016-2017, Birmingham scored 45 and conceded 64 for a goal differential of -19 which while not ideal by any means, was the better of the years. 2017-2018 had the scoring only 38 and conceding 68 for a goal differential of -30. They’ve done pretty well against the top teams in the league so far, with only a loss to Leeds United.

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(UPDATED) EFL Championship – Week 12 Slate

The Championship is back to playing one match this week (at least in league play), a week after having two matches caused a lot of chaos to the Power Rankings. There will be four Championship clubs (Derby County, Middlesbrough, Norwich City, and Nottingham Forest) playing midweek matches in the EFL (Carabao) Cup, however, which could impact their performance when they return to league play over the weekend.

As always, we’ll try to keep this updated throughout the matches of the weekend, which begin on Friday night and conclude Sunday afternoon. The number in parentheses before each club represents their ranking in our weekly Power Rankings, and home clubs are listed first. Winning clubs will be in bold, and any match that ends in a draw will see both clubs notated in italics.

Friday, 2 November 2018
7:45pm GMT/3:45pm EST
(16) Aston Villa 2-0 (22) Bolton Wanderers

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EFL Championship – Week 12 Power Rankings

Two games this week for the clubs across the Championship, and as a result, we’ve seen a lot of movement from last week’s Power Rankings. So much movement, in fact, that only one team stayed in the same spot in this week’s rankings.

As previously mentioned, we try to base the rankings only on matches played in the Championship. However, with four clubs playing in EFL Cup matches this week – Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, and Middlesbrough – success there (three of the four will be playing Premier League clubs) might boost them next week a little more than what happens in league play next weekend.

Note: Records presented as W-D-L
Through matches played on 27 October 2018

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